What does a girl mean if she says I am handsome?

Is she really saying the truth and what does this mean does she want me to go further with anything? What would be the next best move for me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Thats a really high compliment meaning that you're really good looking.Honestly I can't say she is lying nor is she telling the truth because I'm not actually there or can tell if she is or not.Most liekly she wouldn't be lying though :) your next best move is to give her a nice compliment or better yet a kiss ^_^

    • thank you for best answer ^-^

What Girls Said 5

  • she is... interested! DUH ;D

  • Handsome is more classy like beautiful, or has more sincerity.

  • She means that you're handsome. That's all. I HATE it when guys take a compliment as an invitation to hit on me. Don't think too much into it please.

  • Well the next move would be a thank-you. She probably thinks you're handsome. Doesn't necessarily mean anything, just that you look. Don't take a simple compliment for anything more than that. It could be a compliment or an invitation. Depends on the girl. Why don't you ask her and find out?


What Guys Said 2

  • A girl called me delicious before, haven't heard that one ever. It made me feel sexy.

    There have been lots of girls that have complimented my looks. Not all of them have wanted me to ask them out. Use discretion.

  • Just like us say"You're beautiful"