What exactly does it mean when women say you have an exotic look?

I've had multiple women say I look exotic but never said in particular I look handsome or anything. Makes me think I'm perceived as an awkward looking guy. One lady co worker also said my mother must be beautiful but what the heck! I would guess that's a compliment. Do women say that often? I always get these indirect compliments from girls, like, all the time.

So tell me, when you call someone exotic looking, what exactly do you mean?


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  • Exotic = not white.

    You probably have features that resemble those of foreigners, such as Indians, Greeks, Turks, Asians, etc. You looks strange, because your appearance is not conforming with the general population, but despite that, you are also attractive.

    • Hey thank you for your kind remark :) hopefully people don't start thinking this is a rate me question of some sort. I was genuinely wondering what women meant by exotic.

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  • It means you look like a mutt.

    • just like that huh

    • Or a more politically correct response, "she can't place what ethnicity you are. You have multiple races in your background which gives you an exotic look".

    • aaah gotcha. Makes sense! But sometimes people aren't of any other combination of race and still look like something else lol.

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  • That you don't look like anyone she's accustomed of seeing around...
    And she means that in a positive way.

  • They tend to mean that you look foreign, in a good way somehow. Kinda like "you're attractive despite being foreign". At least that's the kind of vibe I get when I hear it being used, which is why I don't want to use it. It's just a very awkward "compliment" in my opinion. I wouldn't over-analyze it if I were you, though.

    • "you're attractive despite being foreign"

      I agree with this. its usually used in a context describing someone who's culture is different from their own.

    • Yes, I guess there are different forms of exotic depending on the persons view. Good answer.

  • i got that compliment too.. it means that you are beautiful/ handsome in a unique way.

    • Yes I'm starting think this could be a definition of exotic.

  • If I think someone looks exotic I mean they are attractive in a non generic way, they have that extra something different.

  • It means you're hot, but not the standard hot, you've got something different.

  • I think exotic means "attractive but in an unconventional way". In other words, you don't look like a stereotypical handsome guy, but you're handsome in your own unique, surprising way. It is a compliment, almost like, "huh, with those features one wouldn't think you're attractive... but somehow the combination just works and those features DO look attractive on you!"

    • I kinda see myself that way. I feel like my features individually aren't so individually attractive, but the combination of them in a way optimizes them? Lol I don't know but thanks for you answer.

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    • Very true. Lately I've been trying to have a few more friends that I confide in, though still choosing wisely. Otherwise sometimes it can feel like barely anyone understands or cares about me.

      My friend who shares all her stuff has people helping her out left, right and centre because they kno about her troubles.

    • *know

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