What does it mean if a guy makes a girl breakfast?

...when you are not in a relationship with her and she spends a night at yours? Not a one night stand as well.

Or put it this way... guys, what make you cook breakfast for a girl when she is not your gf?

Most Helpful Guy

  • He's probably just being a good host. If he isn't trying to have sex with you then odds are he isn't making a breakfast of deceit (wow I'm a dork). Anyways ik that anytime I have people over I like to cook them all a good meal it's just what I do, there isn't any sort of underlying meaning to it. The biggest mistake people make when dealing with situations like this is they over think things. Not everything is about sex or a relationship sometimes someone just does something out of kindness. Hope this helps

    • What if I had sex with the guy? Was that still just out of kindness then?

    • It depends. Usually if he was being a d*** he would just kick you out or leave asap. If he takes the time to make you something and puts effort into pleasing you then it is more likely out of kindness even if he had sex with you the night before