Is this girl interested? Or did I blow it?

I'm a college senior who recently met a college freshman at a party. As best as I can remember, it was her who approached me, but nevertheless we ended up dancing together for much of the night. Occasionally I would take a break and sit on a couch, and two or three times I insinuated with my hand for her to sit on my lap, which she did. Later on in the night as the party was dying down, she continued to dance and party and mentioned to me (who she referred to as her "buddy") not to leave the party. Anyway, in the mean time she had been texting another guy, and his response(s) made her sad. Once the party finally ended, she sat next to me on the couch and threw her legs over mine, and only tells me that she is sad and does not want to talk about it. She also mentions that I should visit her at her work during her shift the next day--I said maybe. At this point, it is just she and I, and I set out to reverse her mood. We ended up talking about many things for hours until the morning sun rose, and at several points we were laying all over each other trying to fit two sleepy people on a single couch. There were a couple points during the night where I thought we were going to make-out because our faces were so close, but it never happened. Once the sun comes up she desperately wants to go to breakfast, so I take her out for breakfast just she and I. Once we get back to the house, she almost immediately falls asleep on the floor with her friends and I head back to my house because I was also so tired. I would have said bye, but I didn't think that I should wake her up. I did not visit her during her shift because I though that it would seem desperate. Later that night, after her shift was over, I texted her asking how it went and she responded an hour later saying not too bad, then I delayed before sending something along the lines of "I hope that you didn't fall asleep on the job" to which she never responded. I texted her again several days later (today) telling her that I stopped by her work and she wasn't there, and again it took her over an hour to respond, but she nevertheless responded "aww lol." I then told her it was a total loss and she said something like "that's good." Here is the catch, she goes to another college, and we met while she was home on break, but she has a family event to come home for next week. I plan on texting her in a few days asking if she will have any free time when she gets home, and if so I plan on asking her out. Am I wasting my time?
Is this girl interested? Or did I blow it?
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