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Sawthis girl I really liked for a month. She kissed me, madeout with and was pretty much all over me every time we went out together. You would think... Show More

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  • i have a 'friend'... well frenemy, like this exactly!

    the truth is she's actually insecure about herself. she just doesn't know it. and she also wants to be liked and loved by every guy there is and she would give anything to be the centre of attention. it's like a self esteem boost for her or something. with this she has stuff to brag about and she feels like she has to prove to everyone that she can get whoever she wants to like her.

    usually these are the kind of girls you want to stay away from. seriously watch out! they may seem like they really like you one day and the next day they'll find someone else to flirt with. these girls don't want a relationship, especially a long term one. they're just 'enjoying' themselves at the moment but they may get bored with this over time.

    seriously though show her you're not weak like the other guys that like her and show her you're not going to fall for her act. there are so many other nice girls out there!

    oh yeah and a little tip: if she flirts with you again... do not fall for it! it's all an act and she's just experimenting. it's like you're the mouse and she's the scientist. :P

    hope that last bit made sense.