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What does it mean when a girl touches your face?

This girl who is my friend in my class in high school who has been showing me some signs...I think she is flirting with me. But I'm not entirely... Show More

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  • well, this kind of physical contact (touching a guys face) to me is pretty flirty, I mean, I don't touch my guy friend's nose or anyone's for that matter (except my bf).so it might be sign that she is comfortable around you (enough to break a very strong physical touch barrier). thou you must be careful, if she only did it once it might not be that important, but if she does it constantly she might be flirting. :) good luck

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  • It's pretty obvious that she was flirting. If this sort of thing happens quite a bit then it's probable that she does like you.

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  • Dude same thing happened to me the other night. When I got to the bar she have me a long kiss on the cheek which she has never done then she stroked my face with her whole hand. We are best friends so I'm in the same boat as you. I don't want to make a move because what if I'm wrong about her liking me and then it gets awkward. I feel like me waiting for her to make the first move eventually will work.

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