How are Scorpio men?

I am dating one now and he is very difficult. I can't understand him. How do scorpio men act when they are inlove? How are scorpio men in general?


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  • Scorpio men are jerks! Run as fast as you can. They manipulate and turn every bad situation into your fault. At first he will be an amazing man and then he will turn on you and be a complete ass. You will get so frustrated trying to understand his mood swings and if he likes you or doesn't. Everything he does is for a game and testing you. If I were you I would say to hell with him and find a more mature man than this. I just got out of a relationship with a scorpio man and let let me tell you that it is the best thing that ever happened. But change your phone number and move if you are breaking up with him cause he will come back for revenge

    • Thank you ! he got mad and left because I woudnt give him something. it seems now he's only nice to me when he wants something. I feel like he's trying to use me. he says he loves me constantly but his actions don't show it and he left without saying goodbye knowing we don't have any way to communicate with each other because I just broke my phone today

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    • I think whomever came up with that theory was a scorpio man himself who was self conscience lol :P I'm glad your going to move on! Just don't look back!

    • I wont, thank you!

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  • scorpio men sting that p*ssy hole

  • Subzero men are better.


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  • My man is a scorpio libra cusp he is born like 2 days before scorpio begins so he is really a libra but considers himself "more like a scorpio". We both are scorpio moons though but I have a gemini sun.

    I think he is more scorpio like as well. He doesn't show his emotions easily but he has this intensity about himself. He is mysterious and complicated. He is also domineering and likes to be in control. He is very sexual and good at what he does. He can switch from hot to cold and can be irritable. He seeks validation. He likes to tease and play mind games. All in all he is difficult. But he can also be very sweet and affectionate, maybe because he's really a libra too.

    I am a complex person too so I can handle it but he is frustrating and hard to figure out. I think we are both like that though. He takes a while to warm up and you need to lay off him a bit. But my guy is looking for affection, deep down he is insecure and emotional and definitely manipulative.

    They are definitely not easy men to handle. Unless you are an intense person I would be wary. He is very magnetic. But then again I don't know other "pure scorpios"

  • i agree with the other anon girl, scorpio men are nutz! in the beginning when I met him he was so sweet and nice and passionate, then let the games begin. it was game after game after game, cold hearted behavior, rudeness, weird smirks and intense gazes and smiles, and stalking, omg don't even get me started. he will leave you feeling insecure and confused and paranoid. so not worth it. I'm a cancer girl and cancer and scorpio are supposed to be a match made in heaven, well f*** that! its all a lie, scorpio men are psycho and while you try to be affectionate and show your love for him, he will flip out and turn all cold on you when you lease expect it.

    • Your right ! Right now he is acting distant and like a jerk all because he didn't get his way. he likes to play with my feelings and I hate it. I'm a virgo woman and were suppose to be compatible as well but its a rollercoaster with him everyday. I'm ready to get off

    • they are so immature and play games like no other

    • yes they do and he is ssoo clingy and having major issues in his life right now. scorpio men are just no good

  • good in bed.