How are Scorpio men?

I am dating one now and he is very difficult. I can't understand him. How do scorpio men act when they are inlove? How are scorpio men in general?


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  • Scorpio men are jerks! Run as fast as you can. They manipulate and turn every bad situation into your fault. At first he will be an amazing man and then he will turn on you and be a complete ass. You will get so frustrated trying to understand his mood swings and if he likes you or doesn't. Everything he does is for a game and testing you. If I were you I would say to hell with him and find a more mature man than this. I just got out of a relationship with a scorpio man and let let me tell you that it is the best thing that ever happened. But change your phone number and move if you are breaking up with him cause he will come back for revenge

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      Thank you ! he got mad and left because I woudnt give him something. it seems now he's only nice to me when he wants something. I feel like he's trying to use me. he says he loves me constantly but his actions don't show it and he left without saying goodbye knowing we don't have any way to communicate with each other because I just broke my phone today

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      I think whomever came up with that theory was a scorpio man himself who was self conscience lol :P I'm glad your going to move on! Just don't look back!

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      I wont, thank you!