What do you think of baby faces?

I assume most guys -- if not all -- love them, but what about girls?

  • Me gusta.
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  • Blech..
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I get ID'd at bars and most people say I look 15 or 16. Sucks now but it'll pay off when I'm 50.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I can appreciate both. I can see a mature looking man with an angular, mature featured face and think, man, that guy's hot. But I can also see a "baby faced" boy and think, "he's attractive." My boyfriend is a mix. He has a somewhat angular jawline, but big, bright, blue eyes and he looks young. I think he's drop dead sexy. I'm probably more of a baby face lover...just so long as it doesn't make them look too young.


What Girls Said 12

  • I love baby faces. I have one as well (I often get mistaken for younger than I am).

    Baby faces are great to have. Its like you age slowly.

  • If he's cute then he's cute.

    Just like an angular face has the potential to not be that attractive even with defined features.

    Depends on the actual face :)

    But looking young isn't bad...lol at my age a lot of the guys..baby face or not have this adorable little pout to their face :D now that is cute

    Ha..well it might be body weight too... ^_^ I don't care

  • I'm not really into the whole baby face on a guy.

  • Don't like them. I like a more defined, angular face.

  • I can go either or.


    • oh damn even though I'm a man

      i must admit that is sexy :D

  • I have a baby face. People always ask if I'm 15 or younger and I'm almost 20. I'd honestly be offended if someone thought I was older though.

  • I have a baby face. I hate it now, seeing people don't take me as seriously as I wish, but I'm only a teenager so I'll probably like it in 5 years or so.

  • I don't like it when my guy looks like a baby

  • Me gusta!

    And if you have a nice manly and muscular body, even hotter!

  • Not a fan of guys with baby faces

  • I love that cute "boy next door" face on a guy!


What Guys Said 3

  • It makes people look younger.

    Whether that's good or bad depends on your age relative to the 'most attractive age' for your gender.

    Note that 'most attractive age for your gender' does depend on the viewer somewhat, and is wildly different for men and women.

  • Sorry, I don't want my girl's face to look like she's 13.

  • im 19 and people thought I was 15. I hate it lol. I think girls with young faces look good though