What's a good way to destroy your girlfriends self-esteem?

READ BEFORE You judge. I just want her to lose weight because she wants to. I plan to make her want to lose weight for herself by making her self esteem as low as it should be. She's not really fat but she's not model skinny either.

No one really answered my question!


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  • I read it and I'm still judging. Model skinny is not healthy at all, and if she's "not really fat" then she might be at her healthy weight. You say that she wants to lose weight, yet you say that you want "to make her want to lose weight". That doesn't make sense, it sounds like you are the one who wants her to lose weight. To do that to a girl is the worst thing possible, to not make her feel good about herself, and you honestly do not deserve to be anyone's boyfriend. You should love her for who she is, not her weight.

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      @ your update: because no one should ever know that you piece of sh*t.