What's a good way to destroy your girlfriends self-esteem?

READ BEFORE You judge. I just want her to lose weight because she wants to. I plan to make her want to lose weight for herself by making her self esteem as low as it should be. She's not really fat but she's not model skinny either.

No one really answered my question!


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  • I read it and I'm still judging. Model skinny is not healthy at all, and if she's "not really fat" then she might be at her healthy weight. You say that she wants to lose weight, yet you say that you want "to make her want to lose weight". That doesn't make sense, it sounds like you are the one who wants her to lose weight. To do that to a girl is the worst thing possible, to not make her feel good about herself, and you honestly do not deserve to be anyone's boyfriend. You should love her for who she is, not her weight.

    • @ your update: because no one should ever know that you piece of sh*t.

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  • Why are you dating her? You obviously don't care about her.

  • The only weight she needs to lose is you. A good boyfriend would tell her she is perfect just the way she is. If she wants to lose weight for herself then support her by eating healthier and working out together. You never bring a person down, that is emotional abuse. You should be the one who brings her confidence up not down.

  • Here's how to do it:

    1. Take off your pants and underwear

    2. Bend over and hug your knees

    3. Spread your legs

    4. Insert your head into your ass

    5. Go play in traffic

    That is guaranteed to take care of the problem. Your girlfriend may not be happy you did this at first, but eventually she'll thank you when she realizes how much happier she is.

    You're welcome!

    • nah I'd rather not. This doesn't seem like a good answer either.


    You are like the second man to ask this in a span of the week. Or are you the same person?

    I hope what goes aroubnd comes around. She deserves better.

  • WOW You are truly a terrible person. I feel bad for your Girlfriend.

    For you to say all that you just better look like a model your self and have abs.

  • Really? Well here is how to do it break up with her. And make it a really bad break up to the point where she will never want to talk to you again. You would be doing her a favor.

  • wow...O_0

    you sound like a horrible human being.

  • Dump her. She needs someone better.


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  • You are a truly horrible person.

  • Making someone feel like utter sh*t about themselves isn't going to motivate them to lose weight. In fact, it's going to do the complete opposite. Also, the fact that you want to "destroy her self esteem" is a scum bag thing to do, she's your girlfriend for Christ sakes, you should be there to support her, not bring her down.