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What does it mean when a guy says you're his girl to people when your next to him?

I was standing next to him this girl all of a sudden asks if he is going out with this other girl. Suddenly he says no she's my girl when he is... Show More

Also I like him..
I'm not sure what to do, and any more suggestions would be really helpful.
What he does now,is not speaking,but flirting,and he stares at me until I leave or he has too .What should I do about that?
Well This week I saw him with other girls, People I had talked to about this say their only friends, and his sibling is their friends. I don't know what to do anymore or what to think about this.
I found out he is only friends with the other girls and to everyone he is not a player!

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  • That means he is into you. Calling you his girl in front of everybody kind of give out a sign for everybody around. Guys don't say to other girls that she is my girl especially in high school while knowing each other for 3 years and dating for a year. This is a whole beauty of H.S. and fresh guys who didn't get scrutinized from a fake guys system ( to F... as many girls as possible before college ). If you caught one and held to one for a long period of time in there, that means you will have a long relationship. Same concept applies to girls. Don't get greedy and stick to one man that you like. Guys are scared of girls until age of 19 MAX so if you think that he is ignoring you but at the same time holds our hand smiles TXT's you but doing it all silent and secretly that means he likes you a lot but don't have enough 00 to admit it. Give them a little push and you will get a reword that is beyond your imagination. Good Luck.

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  • Either he was


    -flirting with you

    -he was finding some excuse to brush off the other girl.

    -You'll know the kind of guy he is: a player or a shy guy.

    -You'll know if he has a reason to brush the other one off: some quarrel with her or a bad opinion about her (is the other girl the "chewing-gum-on-my-soles-girl", who stays glued to the guy who dares to smile or be simply polite towards her?)

    • Just take him at face value (flirting thus) unless that other one is a real bore)

    • He is not a player I know that.. also the other girl I think was just curious about that because she is not the "chewing-gum -on-my-soles-girl"

  • It sounds like you're in!

    Things like staring at you, big smile on his face, having a hard time finding words are all good signs that a guy is enchanted with you. The whole "she's my girl" thing sounds like a compliment to me. I would think that if he was a player he wouldn't have explicitly picked you out like that in front of other women like he did. If I were a woman I would read it as "you're the one I want to be with and not these other girls here.".

    You're past the stage of flirting and wondering if he likes you while playing hard to get. As you spend time together things should progress a bit more naturally. You're at a point where it's safe to open up and show some affection. Hug him, put your arms around him, put your head on his shoulders. Touch says more than words can. It doesn't have to be sexual at all. You don't have to be really forward about it but you're in so don't be afraid to take it to the next level.


  • He sounds like a player kinda... If that's the case, it's best you stay away.

    It's obvious that he wants to make you his girl, but you could end up one of many girls from the sound of it. Not for sure, but from my understanding of the situation/question, it's a strong possibility he could just want to play you. His smooth/over-confident attitude makes it even more apparent to me...

    And if he's around lots of other girls, that's a bad sign. You don't want a guy with a lot of female "friends" because if he has that attitude, he's probably having relations with all of them too simply because he can.

    IMHO you should stay away from him. Just because he's "hot" and seemingly unattainable doesn't make him a quality guy worth pursuing...

  • He likes you. A lot.

    Go for it, girl!


  • It all depends on the woman's value in relation to what the guy thinks of himself.

    A simple answer is, he's showing off his value to other women and to her.

    It would be the same as driving around in a sports car, rolling down your windows and blaring the music.

    The only difference is that with a car, you don't have to worry about it getting mad at you.

    If the woman is physically attractive and fun, then it means that the guy likes her and is actually attempting to flirt more with her than the other women in the interaction.

    If the woman is not attractive and/or not fun, then it means that the guy is simply showing off his value to other women in order to attempt to get the other women to notice/ like him.

    You don't have to be a player in order to react to a social situation correctly. Sometimes its just blind luck.

    If he calls you his girl when you two are alone, then it simply means that he likes you because there is no one to show off to.

    People treat others differently when there is an audience, what really matters is when you two are alone.

  • "she is my girl" undoubtedly means she is my girlfriend and don't you dare even look at her

    its a way to show ur possesiveness about ur gf

    but this is seldom used when you guys are friends normally,a guy would use when he is dating tht girl

  • it doesn't sound like he was saying it in a joking way, so he may be saying it to see your reaction. it seems you like the idea and so does he.

  • He likes you and doesn't want another guy invading in on his girl.

  • Good question. sadly that can be read in two ways.

    1) He likes you but, you aren't dating currently.

    2) He's just really good friends with you.

    Communication it's a bitch, I know, it's sent countries to war, just from mis understanding.

    If you wanna find out What he ment, ask him. There no harm in doing so. I'm sure he won't bite.

    Good Communication is key in a relationship, nor matter what kind.

    Hope this helps


  • if I understand this correctly, you were just "hangin out".. and he might've caught you off guard when he said you were his girl.. at which point you started to wonder what that all meant..

    if so, it sounds like it was perfect timing for him to say he likes u.. for that moment, he might have just said that to get the other girl (s) off his back, while at the same time he got it out there that he likes u.. to answer ur question I'd say it means he likes you and now he's going with the flow trying to see if it goes anywhere..

  • it sounds like he likes you. you should ask him and see that is the only way to truly know but it sounds like he does good luck to you and I hope it works out for you :-)

  • Sorry it took me so long to get to answering this question. I've been a little busy lately, but let's get to the point.

    Okay. So the guy was looking at you while he was making a comment about dating. Hmmm. It seems to me like a classic example of subtle communication. Have you ever noticed people do that to put in a subtle jab? For example, making comments about you while your near. I explained it that way because I figured most people understand it that way better. Anyway, so that was basically flirting.

    About him talking and such with other girls (I understand that this has already been discussed, but just in case, I'll add my two cents)... You see, he has the guts to talk to a girl and he seems like a pretty good guy. So, I would expect girls to digg that. I wouldn't trip about it.

    So, you're trying to find a way to reel him in, right? Well, with all of those other girls competing for his attention (regardless of the fact that he isn't interested in him), you're going to have to give him something that makes you stand out above all of the others. My question would be something along the lines of: What do you have to offer that those other girls don't have? Don't get down if you can't figure anything out right off the bat... because it can take time sometimes.

    So, bottom line: my advice would be to talk with him and spend time with him. On those boring weekends when you can't find anything to do, invite him over to be bored with you. You'd be surprised how often being bored with your crush turns out to be soooo not boring.

    Anyway, sorry again for not getting to answering your question sooner :-(

  • I agree with tongakid but I'd say it's 50/50 that he likes you. It could be that he's just flirting/playing with you but he could be trying to use this as a hint to show he likes you. Guys are pretty simple to figure out when you get down to it. They don't flirt with girls they aren't attracted to at all, so I'd say you have a better chance that he likes you. He could be one of those guys who flirts with all girls, but the rule still applies that if he didn't find you attractive he wouldn't flirt with you.

    You should flirt back with him, if he stares at you stare back or wink at him and stick your tongue out at him. If you keep flirting back at him hopefully he'll ask you out.

    • He is not the type of guy that is a player.. and you basically copied what tongakid said

  • I'm gonna say it's 50/50. It could be easily plausible that he was just giving the other girl the brush off to deny answering the question seriously. I mean, I would do SOMETHING like that, but it would be clear to everyone that it's a joke...

    Check this guy's reputation. If he's a flirt with everyone, then you may have to fish out something from him. Like, if this guy has got his arm around another girl, go up to him with a little coy smile and call him out. You'll know if he was just messing with you then based on his reaction now.

    1) If he gets embarassed, he probably likes you.

    2) If he doesn't, he was probably just playing.

    This also shows that "you can play the game too" which may be kinda hot to him... it would be kinda hot to me. :)

    Also, it doesn't show any 'weakness' on your part... like you can hang with him without being timid.

    Best of luck ma'am.

    • I do know about his reputation and he is not a player and he is not a major flirt..

    • I'd still say flirt with him back. Show a little interest on your part. Maybe even set him up. Get a friend of yours to ask a question with you and him around and turn the tables :)

      Otherwise, try to be around him where he can try and be smooth around you so you can reciprocate... open up to him and make it easy for him to make a move (if he doesn't wuss out of course)

  • he likes you, but since he won't approach you you need to give him hints and clues for him to get on the same page so he will talk to you. or just approach him yourself.

  • Yeah he most likely is into you, there is a small likely hood that he is trying to get the other girl off of his back, but most likely 90% sure that he is telling you he likes you in a smooth and opportunistic way

  • When he calls you his girl its just a way of saying he likes. You should be happy that he said that infront of another girl because it means he likes you more than that girl.

  • From I read, I think that he does like you, as other people have mentioned. When he says "you're his girl" to you in front of other people, he sounds like he is interested in you. Saying it like that, he wanted that girl to become aware that he liked you.

  • he seems possessive of you like you're going out if he says you're his girl. he certainly likes you, especially if he's not seeing other girls. you really just need to talk to him about where he thinks you two stand. it doesn't have to be complicated, just clarify and get it out in the open.

  • Definitely likes you. I myself did this with a girl I liked to send the sign to her that I liked the idea that we were (or could be) something more than just a friend... and it all worked out. Hope this works out well for you :)

  • As a lot of the girls and guys said on here it seems that he likes you and is using that opportunity to tell you. Also about the girl that asked in the first place can be interested in him but he might not be interested in her. So he could also have used the opportunity to get the girl to leave him alone if he doesn't like her but he can be a victim of his own success and cause the girl to like him more. Girls hate to not be able to catch a guy that she is interested in. So basically you could have been his defense against the other chica, girls do the same thing by bringing a guy friend with them and saying that they are going out. It's a play that works out really well to get ride of an unwanted girl or guy. I call it the Pawn defense. That is my answer for the direct question at hand.

    As for the updates from what I see it looks like he is a good guy or seems to be. If you guys are flirting and all, and you like him he is obviously showing interest in return to you as well. I direct that advice to the 3month updates as for the newer more recent post, well he might not be a player but if this was 3 months ago you have let a long time go by has he asked you out or have you asked him out. If not and the interest is still there. Get it while the getting is good, hopefully he hasn't lost interest and everything is still good.

    And lastly although he hangs with a lot of girls he might just like to be around a lot of chica's to put up that look like he is a play but if you say he isn't that's your own judgement of his character.

    • The girl that asked him that question does not like him I know that, and he still acts the same way with me even though it was long ago..

    • Hmm...well there isn't much else to think about now. If everything is still good you dig each other just go for it ask him or if you don't like to try to indirectly suggest that your ready. Has he said anything about going out with you?

  • Well, honestly...from what I see, he is interested in you, but to what degree. Is he a playboy? Does he ask you out any? Does he care how you feel? hows ur day going? A sincere guy that is interested in one person will only focus on her. If he doesnt, means he is just playing the field...

    • He is not a player I know that for a fact.

    • As per our conversation, my next statement was to communicate. Ask him...Otherwise, how would you know!

  • i think it means that he didn't want to do anything with that other chick so he said you were his so shed leave him alone.

  • Well duh -- he likes you or if he is a theatre type -- acting as if. You should make a move --- guys like that, don't want to guess about how you feel.

  • If the two of you had been talking about becoming involved or it was inferred that you had some sort of attraction toward each other, it would be my guess that he was opening things up for you to make some sort of advance. Seeing him with other girls probably means that he likes attentio 9as most guys do)and making statements to you and admiring you with looks would definitely mean that there was something there for him but on the other side of the coin, if no commitment has been made then someone needs to get to the bottom of this. Hmmmmmm...

  • I was standing next to him. [you were next to him but not with him]

    this girl all of a sudden asks if he is going out with this other girl. [ some girl you don't know noone knows approaches the guy next to you, and I assume he was with a different girl, and stranger girl is asking.]

    Suddenly he says no she's my girl [rejects her offer as if it was to dance or go on a date]

    when he is looking at me then smiles.[obvious]

    I said yeah and smiled back.[agreed with him but don't have a clue what's going on]

    So What does it mean when a guy calls you his girl?

    it means either, he wasn't interested in her, she was ugly, he's gay, or just snobbish and laughing to you to think he's the cool crowd because some girl walked up to him and approached him. sounds like a tool to me

  • maybe he was confused or said it without thinking

    • I know he was not confused at all, and it looked like he was thinking when he said it.

  • MY GIRL is a nice sign that he likes u,he feels or fantacises you as his Girlfriend.

    if you fantacy him like him or have a crush wid him den start dating him,go watch movies enjoy urselves,if you start having sumthing more dan crush den take it to 2 d next level dear,or else just move on,give sum time to it dear.

    and don't complicate it just be easy to yourself to find out what he meant.

    Spend time with him,talk to him on d phone text him regularly,if he meant what he said

    then he'll too care for u.

    dont think too much on these things these get more and more complicated as you think.

    just do what you feel,what ur heart says...

    best of luck dear :)

  • i would say that he likes you try and find a way to let him know that you like him.

  • Hum so he's not a player, when you say my girl especially in front of other people you are usually trying to be cool, a player. But sometimes it means that he is really into you and really likes you. I would go with he really likes you show him that he is your man and see what happens. best of luck :)

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  • i think it's a sign he's crushing on you ;)

    • Thank You!

  • Seems to me that he was trying to tell you without putting himself too out there, that if you didn't agree that he could always just take the statement back as a joke. Since you like him, I would tell him.

  • wow...that is a big green light! try and make a girly style move...invite him over for a movie and sort of get closer and closer on the couch!

  • Sounds like he likes you and wants you to be "his girl". However, I would put on a pair of big girl panties and ask him if he does like you, therefore clearing up any speculation that he doesn't and proving he's a shameless flirt.

    Ask him if your really "his girl" and ask him to define it for you.

    Hope it all works out for you crazy kids.

  • Just ask him!

  • Well, something like that would mean that he likes you but he could also be saying that to get rid of the other girl. But, he did smile at you so I think it's the first one. But, I would say talk to him about it and ask him what he meant by you're his girl.

    • The other girl he even knew she liked him he didn't like her so he said that so what do you think?

    • Maybe she wanted to see if you had a chance because she was jealous. You always want to know who your crush does like.

    • That is true

  • i refuse to answer your question because you have a surplus amount of advice going for you. all I have to say is: he likes you definitely more then average, so stop moaning, and groaning, and being a p**** because he might have female friends, this happens, and stare back for gods sake! or whatever you want to do to let him know your into him.

    yeah...good luck, I'm happy you know what you want.


    • First of all you did not have to, second I am not complaining of this, third I am not the p**** I may have one but I'm not acting like one right now like you are, third if you read the info I am fine he has female friends everyone does, and I do stare back at him. Also you should not be mean to people it is rude.

  • awww! I think he likes you!

    flirt with him, he'll probably ask you out soon!

  • Well, I would think that means your his girlfriend, but since your not, that's just really confusing lol.

    I'm pretty sure he's hinting to you that he likes you more than a friend.

    If I were you, I'd talk to him about it, and maybe hang out or something:)

    cause it seems to me he likes you back.

    hope this helps!

  • he likes you and is trying to protect you.

  • You have so many of the same answers on here. All I can tell you is that you need to be up front with him about what it meant when he said to the other girl. That is the only way you're going to find out. If I type what I think then your answers will be like a broken record- same thing oer and over again. Just ask him.

  • Ok, just because he flirts and stares at you and told someone else you were his girl dosen't mean that it is a "conformation" that he's labeling as HIS girl. Guys do this--FLIRT--...but they are flirting or trying to send indirect signals that they could be interested in you. I would be upfront with him and ask him "does he like you". Stop beating around the bush and find out what's up or you will never know...

  • He obviously likes you. I'd just flirt and if you're already flirting, then make the flirting more obvious.

  • so to me it sounds like he has a crush and he was trying to myabe send you a major signal. so maybe you should just talk to him about it. if its too awkward between you guys then maybe that's a sign it wouldn't work out. because nothing should be awkward between to people especially if they are gonna date. So just be up front and ask him if he has feelings for you and what he meant by that...hope that helps!

  • it means tht he likes you or he thinks you 2 are going out

  • I'm pretty sure he likes you and he could be just as nervous about you as you are about him. And calling you his girl could be his way of testing the water to see if you'd be cool with it.

  • That's his way of claiming you. He's declaring in front of other people that you're the girl he likes, you're the girl he wants or however you wanna take it. He obviously likes you so you should flirt back with him and get his number and start hanging out with him.

  • Prob means that he likes u

    i think that's a pretty good sign.

    In context when he says she's my girl he most likely meant "girlfriend" but I don't know for sure. Has he given you any other signs?

  • he likes you :D

  • Your the one he really likes and he sill likes you just want to talk to other girls.

  • I think he is definitely into you.

    that was a way of flirting ..

    telling you he liked you

    Now that he is not rlly tlkin to you

    you should show him you you are into him ( that is if you are into him)

    • I am into him and he isn't verbally talkng to me

    • So basically you shud txt him and ask him to go hang out and do sumthing...

      you show him how grls are strong! and we can make the first move adn btw b flirty

  • Haha that's actually happened to me before to. It just means the guy likes you.

  • he likes u. there's no doubt about it. and if you want to clear things out then talk to him about it. and if he doesn't answer you then just keep bugging him about it until he tells you the truth. but don't worry he likes you =)

  • well I would say that he really likes you. you should ask him to go out with you.

  • i think it means that he is ready to be ur boyfriend I find that guys don't say girlfriend they just say girl so I think he wants to date you. or if he's a pig he means he wants to have sex with you

  • He likes u. .all the signs from him are telling that he is into you but somehow he can't make a move. .maybe because he's shy or still waiting for ur hints. .try to show him that ur interested so that he knows. . as ur confused by his indirect signals, maybe he is too but you got several answers over here and now ur kind of sure that he likes you but maybe he can't ask about ur signals from others. .so try to show him that you like him, if he's not shy he'll def make a move but if he is then you have to do something!

    Best Of Luck! :)

  • He likes you deary

  • He likes you and wants to be more than just your friend.

  • well I think he might like you back :) and when a guy calls you his girl to me I think its dating...and well I think you should talk to him about it. hope I helped :)

  • Well, from the situation you described it sounds like he likes you but there isn't really a lot of information to go on.

    Do you talk to each other a lot? How long have you known him? Are you good friends? Has he given you any other signs that he likes you?

    Because the meaning behind a guy saying something "she's my girl" can vary depending on the situation and the girl they are talking about.

    "She's my girl" can be applied in a fair amount of ways. I've heard it used to describe a close female friend, someone who is like a sister, some one the guy may be interested in and so on.

    I would suggest talking to him about it, I know a lot of other people have probably told you the same thing but it's probably the best option.

    Also in your newest update says that now he "is not speaking, but flirting"? What do you mean by that? Is he not talking to you at all and just staring at you?

    And you asked what you "should do about that", well if the staring is making you uncomfortable talk to him about it. If not and you don't mind just give him eye contact, acknowledge him. Maybe give him a playful smile or a sign that your interested ~

    Sorry for asking a ton of questions! Just trying to learn a little bit more about the situation so I can help you out better.

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