Why do guys like being called daddy?

Well, my boyfriend asked me to call him daddy, and it really turns him on. It was a little weird at first, but then I was fine with it, because I like how it turns him on, I was just wonder why guys like that? And we are young, he's 18 (for the record)


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  • Because it projects that you accept his authority. It projects that you are innocent . And it is the fantasy of control , power and bieng macho that many men has. By calling him ''daddy'' you actually want to obey him and please him. Like I said, it plays on certain fantasies of control and innocense.

    ( oh and in no way I am f***ing talking about real dad daughter relationship)

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  • I just want to state that not all guys like that kind of stuff. I personally don't like it. But, as explained below, it's fantasy or power, but don't worry too much about it--when it comes down to it, quite a few people have strange quirks like that. Now, if there were bigger and weirder things that were happening, that might be something to worry about.

  • becareful if you marry him and have kids he'll do your daughter(s).

    • Thts a lie you don't know tht

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    • Oh, and also, a year or two from now when you two are broken up, or when you grow up, you'll just look back and realize how weird and what a freak he was and you'll want nothing to do with him, I bet you my entire savings account. you two are just using each other for experimenting sex.

    • Um, no we are not. As matter of fact, we aren't even going to have sex anymore

  • fantasy.

  • Unless I had a kid/kids I wouldn't want to be called that (personally). But I suppose it's likely a form of masculine expressionism.


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  • i think its cute i kove calling my boyfriend daddy its a turn on and it really brings the nasty out in him

  • My boyfriend does the same thing. He's 21 tho. Anyways... he only does that when we are you know, having sex. he also makes me or asks me to tell him that I love him. Over and over again. What I think it is, is that they just want to feel in control. Like he also asks me that if he owns me. And stuff like that. They probably just want to be in control, and make sure you obey and respect what they say... I don't know... that's my opinion.

  • My fiancĂ© likes me to call him daddy too and he calls me mama. Yes it does turn him on, but he sees me as his (second) mama, hence why he calls me that. And when we have children, he also wants me to breastfeed him...(*sigh*). But he mainly just uses it as a nickname.

    I guess some guys like it because:

    1. It turns them on;

    2. They feel powerful;

    3. It's a fantasy;

    4. It's just another nickname I guess.

    I don't think you should worry about it much (if you even did). Whatever floats his boat I guess.

    Good luck :]! x

    • Wait- Breastfeed the child, or him?

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    • That's kind of strange..

    • I know..but I don't mind it :).