Guys, if a girl only hooks up with you when SHE'S drunk, but not when she's sober?

what does that mean?she won't hook up with you when she's sober and avoids it, but when she's drunk, she'll make out with you.

she's just looking to hook up, but finds him ugly. ?

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  • It means she can't see herself hooking up with him when she's sober so she drinks to encourage herself to do it.

    • Right. agreed. any other possibilities?

    • Exactly or she didn't find him attractive....which is the same thing..

    • Because if this was about a guy only hooking up with a girl when HE was drunk, then it means the girl is ugly

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  • Women drink to increase "plausible deny-ability" Women have a deep fear, an insecurity that makes them afraid to look like a slut. Especially from their piers. Women are deeply sensitive about what other people think of them, especially other women.That's why, as a man you shouldn't kiss and tell. Suppose he goes around telling everyone he had sex with her, what could she do? she could say "did you see how much I drank that night.. my god I was wasted."For a woman to have sex, or to "hook up" with a guy it can never be her fault.That's another reason why women hook up like crazy when they go on long vacations. Because none of their friends back home can find out about some guy they had sex with in a foreign country.Women are not going to hook up with a guy, by drinking, if they think a guy is "ugly". It almost never happens. The odds of that being the case are like a billion to one. Mainly because women don't have sex with guys just because a guy is physically good looking. He has to have other qualities. Women pair bond because of behavior. Men are the ones that pair bond because of looks.

  • It makes her a slut. ffs.

    • Well not so much a slut as it makes her a loosey goosey."Oh I'm an angel when I'm sober, but when I'm drunk I'll do this and that."Next thing you know, the girl will start being invited to all the parties and start being passed around like a hackey sack.

    • How does that make her a slut

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