Why is he ignoring me after we hooked up?

So, a while ago I met this guy at a party and we talked for a while and we danced the night away and ended up making out before I left. He texted me and told me he liked me and wanted to go on a date, and it didn't seem like he was just interested in hooking up because he said we didn't have to kiss or anything like that.

He kept texting me every other weekend or so, but most days I was too busy (and a bit too nervous after the tipsy ordeal) to see him in person. Finally I worked up the guts to hang out with him (I tend to have anxiety). So we hung out and had a fun time and I know he was still interested in me after the date because he stopped me before I left and said he was hoping we could hang out again.

Afterwards, he kept asking to hang out but my anxiety kept getting in the way of my saying yes. I was interested in him, so interested that I believed that I might be too nervous or boring to keep him around, so I guess I pushed him away instead.

Eventually he stopped texting me, until one day I accidentally texted him and we got to talking and he asked me when we were going to hang out again.

Fast forward to last weekend when I saw him at a party, he was wasted. I hugged him when we walked in, but from then on we steered clear of each other. It didn't look like he was trying to hook up with any other girls but I wasn't there for the beginning so I can't be sure. I was curious as to why he was ignoring me and my friend pressured me to talk to him, so I went up to him and asked him to open a beer for me (which got me from the point of tipsy to drunk, btw-bad idea!).

Before I even opened my mouth, he started talking to me. So I asked him if he wanted to go outside and talk and I asked him what's up and this and that. We were about to walk then he suggested we talk in his car. Inside he said he wanted to cuddle, and I already knew where this might end up going but I agreed anyway.

So I don't remember much, or who started it, but we ended up making out and he was touching me. I had to stop things short because I had to go home, and I didn't want to go further than fondling lol.

Everything seemed fine but I was so drunk when I was on the way home that I texted him I liked him and how he made me feel (dirty, I know!) and I tried to call him. First 2 times it went to voice mail and the last time it rang.

I haven't heard from him so I texted him asking if my sweater was in his car, and he never answered. It's been a few days. Is he ignoring me? Did I scare him off with my drunk texts? Was it all just a hook up to him? Does he perhaps think I'm only interested because of the hook up and now he wants nothing to do with me?

I'm not only interested cause of the hook up, I always was-I just have trouble with dealing with my nerves.

What can I do (if anything) next to talk to him about it? I don't mind if he doesn't like me anymore, I just want answers because I don't want him to think I'm some crazy girl when I was just pretty drunk!
Why is he ignoring me after we hooked up?
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