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What does is it exactly mean when a guy calls you chunky or thick?

Does this mean your fat? is it that bad?I think I'm to fat... I want to be sure :)Please and Thank You!

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What Guys Said 6

  • thick is usually a good thing and just means you have some meat on your bones, like thicker legs and butt. So it probably wasn't meant in a bad way.Chunky, may be taken in a bad way though. Like maybe he thinks you are a little bigger than he likes.

  • It means that he's calling you fat.

  • It means chubby, but in a good way, usually =] Thick normally means stupid though, LOL.

  • The guy who made that comment has no respect.

  • It means, exactly, that he's an asshole.

What Girls Said 4

  • Chunky - bad fat (not flattering)Thick - fat in all the "right" places so to speak (flattering)

  • chunky=lower end of fatthick=toned but got meat on you

  • Yesit is bad,because he is making a fun of you..When he says these words again just break his teeth he won't say it again ..

  • chunky=fatthink=a more flattering form of fathe doesn't sound like a good guy to be around

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