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What does it mean when a guy calls a girl a sucker fish?

This guy that I was talking to and hooked up with about 4 months ago came up to me at the bar and said hey its the sucker fish.is that an insult or... Show More

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  • 1) A fish that goes in a fish tank and eats all the mossy green crap from other fish you have in with the Sucker Fish. (It sucks the side of the fish tank and rocks and other accesories in the fish tank.) 2) An insult. Sometimes people say you look like a sucker fish maybe because you have a big nose or a round, big mouth. That's what it mean!

    • Ek that's not that bad....a one of my "suppose" to be guy friends called me a "pumplex" turns out it meant calling someone a dickhead or a p****y in a name calling way. lolz it's all fun && jokes tho. Probably it's the same for you!

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  • Never heard that one. Did you go down on him when you hooked up? Maybe it would have something to do with that?

  • Why don't you ask him what it means. If you don't wanna. go to link and type it in. That site has a lot of weird words with definitons.So maybe you'll get lucky!

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