Do girls find intelligent guys attractive?

I've read In some places on the Internet that girls are attracted to guys that are intelligent. What are the specific things that make smart guys attractive,is it wittiness,vocabulary or what.


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  • I can tell you that I'm attracted to intelligent guys, but it just happens to be that I am quite intelligent myself, so I would simply not be very satisfied emotionally if I had a partner that I could not discuss ALL matters with. I like someone who can think by himself, you don't need to "babysit" him. Sorry for the hard language, but there are plenty of intelligent guys out there, and when you say intelligent, do you mean REALLY SUPER intelligent, because some women like not being able to read their partner all the time, (I like being able to), and they find them fascinating?! I think it's considered "favorable" in evolutinoary aspects, more so for women than for the men, because we look for someone who can take care of us, themselves and our offspring...just a thought. :)


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  • yes, but don't be arrogant

  • Some do.

    They may like the money smart guys make.

    They may like their wit.

    They may like the unique conversation topics.

    They may like in depth serious talks.

    If you're talking about intelligence = turn on.

    That's rare.

    Girls are attracted to intelligent guys but rarely find intelligence = sexual arousal.

  • It is about being able to have an interesting conversation with a guy and that you can discuss opinions based on facts.

    Of course being witty and having a good vocabulary will also contribute and are signs of intelligence.

  • Such a silly question to my mind. I haven't met a psychologically healthy person with a good self-esteem yet, that wouldn't want his/her other side to be intelligent.

    Those who know something about intellect may tell you thet there is more to being inteligent than just knowing something.

    There practically isn't a field of human ability that intellect does not cover, so yes I find it very important and quite self-evident.

    Personally there are theories about the subconsciousness as a drive to our partners, I find more interesting.

  • Its guys are the best. Us girls just have to make sure they don't use their brains for evil ;)

  • Everything you named. And I want 'my lover' to understand anything I tell him and yes, that means he has to be exceptionally intelligent. So, I don't just mean good at solving mathematical problems but especially intellectually, he should have great perception.

    This obviously means I have a very high standard... Sigh.

    I think you shouldn't say "guys that are intelligent", but "guys that are at least as intelligent as she is".

  • oh, yes. I love my guy to be intelligent.

  • Definitely! He doesn't have to be an absolute genius, but having a smart and interesting conversation with someone can really make a positive difference. Just talking about sports and videogames can get repetitive lol ;)

  • Definitely! Witty guys more than anything. But as people have been saying, being able to hold a conversation not about COD is a blessing. Smart guys always seem to think girls won't like them, but, if anything, girls like them more. The only issue comes for some girls when the only things the two of you talk about are intellectual matters - this is why witty guys are the best. You can have an intelligent conversation that is still light-hearted.

  • Well, would you be more attracted to a stupid girl than a smart one?


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