If White Guys find Black Girls unattractive, why hit on them?

So, I have a friend (not a close one) who sought me out to be friends. He's a white guy (1/4 Vietnamese) and is a very charming funny and intelligent guy. I have a boyfriend (though we are going through a rough patch) and don't find this friend particularly attractive. Lately, this friend has been acting strangely towards me, flirting and then sort of being really awkward and I didn't really get his behavior. We've been "bumping" into each other a lot and I started to realize this wasn't coincidence and he was simply waiting to talk to me. We're in college and have Intro to Econ together, and a couple times I've caught him staring and a mutual friend of ours said not so jokingly he had a crush on me. He's very touching, hugs and always seems excited to see me.

When we were partnered for a lab, he spent half the time asking about my boyfriend and how we were doing. Then suddenly he goes "your boyfriend Chad...he's black!?" (because my boyfriend has a traditionally white name) and he asked "is he hotter than I am. Never mind you can't really judge black guys and white guys the same" and then he switched back to talking about the lab. I thought this was strange but its not the only time he said stuff like that but that doesn't make any sense because of all the flirting and stuff.

Also on several occasions this friend has made a couple of ignorant remarks about black people, not racist but kind of him believing stereotypes and what not and more importantly he said (and I quote) when looking at a picture of beyonce "I won't call her ugly but I don't find her attractive because I just don't find any black people attractive. I don't really see one of them as looking any better than the other" Which is a fine opinion, I mean everyone has there preferences. But I thought everyone generally agreed that some people were attractive, for example even if you don't like Latinas you think Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez are attractive, Lucy Liu is pretty even if you don't prefer asians. Just like I think its commonly accepted that Zoe Saldana and Banks are attractive. Am I wrong about this? (I don't mean my examples but in general)

Anyway... today he asks me out to dinner and a movie. I thought I misunderstood and he clarified it was a date. I told him I had a heavy workload and maybe another time.

So why ask me out if he doesn't find me attractive, or more specifically finds me unattractive. I don't think I am, obviously but he does and even said so when one of my friends asked him if I looked pretty, he goes "I think she's a great person. But I don't know what an attractive black person looks like"

What does this mean? Your take on the situation? Please be honest and not politically correct! Thanks
If White Guys find Black Girls unattractive, why hit on them?
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