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When a girl tells a guy that "you are so sweet," is this bad?

If a girl tells a guy that "you are so sweet," does that pretty much mean that there is no interest, or that that one is just in the friend zone, aka... Show More

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  • In my experience when girls compliment how sweet you are it's usually the kiss of death. Usually it's followed up with "I wish my boyfriend were more like you!" Yeah, right.

    • I guess it depends on her tone of voice - but I have to agree with this.

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    • Wowwwwww....that is SO well said and I totally agree!! If I really wanted a boyfriend like the guy I said that to, then he would BE my boyfriend LOL.

    • EXACTLY!

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What Girls Said 9

  • most of the time girls just say you are so sweet to be nice. there are exceptions but most of the time it just means the girl wants to be nice.

  • it really depends on when she says it. if is her reply to every compliment you give, then yeah she's probably not interested. But if she compliments you back every now and then.then there's still hope bud.

  • Well I guess I'm not much of a flirt so I only give compliments like that when I really mean it and like someone so I would take it as a good thing!

  • It means that she thinks what u did made an impression , but doesn't mean that she has interest or not.

  • Not really, when I tell a guy that he is sweet, I'm really saying that I appreciate what he has done for me and he is a good guy to keep around.

  • Not to pop your bubble here, but “you’re so sweet” when I say it almost ALWAYS is addressed to a guy who likes me, but I ONLY like him as a friend…and sometimes not even that. Not that he isn’t sweet! But overly sugary gets on my nerves. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve used that line as a response to an “I love you” from guys I didn’t like before :X it basically means “You’re a nice guy, but not my type…and I definitely don’t want to say ‘I love you’ back!” Or even if he just complimented me, and I couldn’t think of anything else to say! I also use the word “sweet” as the only compliment I can think of for a guy who isn’t very masculine…sad, but sometimes that’s the only good quality they have.Ok I would like to qualify all this depressing stuff I just wrote by saying that it really depends on HOW they say it. If it’s a kind of half-hearted….”ummm…….you’re so sweet.*looks in the other direction in a bored way*” then you’re probably out of luck. However, if she sounds genuine and that’s not the ONLY thing she says she likes about you, then just take it at face value and enjoy it!Best of luck~Katie~

    • It was a genuine thing with her, I gave her flowers, and she said, "awww, you're so sweet. Text me tonight honey." We really haven't been on a formal date, it was more of like a first get together. Its been more of like the tango anyways, it seems like we back off, then get close, than back off (:-?)

    • Ok well that would be a GOOD kind of sweet! lol :D

  • it means she can't reciprocate a love interest but she will be just as sweet to you as you were to her.

  • take it as a complement

  • That's a good thing! (At least when I say it.) It means that I think you're a great guy and very respectable. It's a compliment!

    • Yes, it might mean so, but not always I think!!

What Guys Said 5

  • Normally I wouldn't want a girl to say that to me just because that associates you with being a nice guy, if a girl says that to me she usually says it in a sarcastic voice probably because I made fun of her or something and then I say well babe you know I try and she goes be nice. I did make the mistake of actually being sweet to a girl once and yeah it backfired she said something like oh your so sweet I wish all guys were like you, so me I thought oh yeah she likes me nope she didn't like me not as a boyfriend anyway. So I learned from that mistake and never did that again. But who knows maybe she likes sweet guys I guess only time will tell, but most of them don't not as bfs, but as friends they do.

  • I've had a girl tell me that once and I was pretty much in the friend zone with her.

  • It means you're in the Friend Zone and it's time to move on.

  • Total friend zone. You're nice to be around but I don't want to date you.

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