Guys: Why does a guy avoid the girl he likes and act cold towards her?

He liked me, I overheard him say so but he never asked me out officially and never went out. He was an outgoing guy and would speak to other girls so easily.

When it came to me, he would be weird and go all serious and act like I upset him.

He would walk away from me and avoid me if he could, yet I would catch him staring at me all the time.

We were friends and a few occasions I felt like he tried to ask me to hang out with him but then he would change his mind and forget he ever asked we never did hang out together on our own:(

I tried so many times to show him we were cool but he just treated me like I didn't mean anything and gave me the cold shoulder!


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  • guys can get like that. He's might be shy and doesn't know how to handle his feelings.If you want to be really sure though just take the initiative and ask him out. Don't wait for him. Too many girls make that mistake and miss opportunities because they 'feel desperate'

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      I gave him space and our friendship drifted apart a little bit but I still would say hello, however lately I've decided I've had enough of guessing and keeping my distance and I want to get closer to him and have been speaking to him more lately and making sure that he knows that I like to be around him...however he seems to be pulling away even more now and still rushes away from me! It's left me so confused :s It's like he's punishing me and keeps acting like I've hurt him :( ?!

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      I've had the same experience. Which is why I am on here but with sort of a different situation. They guy I speak of would stare at me and smile all the time. But when I'd ask if we could hang out he'd say yeah, then act like I was bothering him. We kissed once and he told me he could kiss me all day, but then he acted like I was crazy the next time I saw him in public.