Are the "class clowns" shy?

This is more of a question for guys, but ladies, you can answer too. =D So this guy I know flirts lots, and everyone says he likes me, and he is the cute class clown type, ya know? But then sometimes when we talk on the phone, or talk about relationships, he gets nervous or shy. And its weird, because this is the kid that stands on tables and sings and wears science goggles to PE class (all to make us laugh, of course!). Sometimes he calls me all the time, and other times he just doesn't respond. Is he just weird? Or not interested? Or do even the class clowns get shy when it comes to talking to girls? Btw, I'm really the only girl he talks to. Thanks.


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  • Haha just like me!

    See I'm all funky and I dance infront of the whole school once but if you ask me to present an irla project infront of the class I get nervous and "stage fright". Sometimes I feel that I'm not being my real self and I'm just trying to grab attention. he may feel the same way. I talk to many girls, the opposite of him but I think he likes you. even though its hard to tell w certain class clowns, once you get to know them you ll fnd they ll gravitate and come to a certain person for help or w.e always and it might be you :)

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      Thank youuuuuu. And don't be nervous for class projects! If you crack jokes during it, and make it entertaining, you win the whole class over (and your A+)!