Are the "class clowns" shy?

This is more of a question for guys, but ladies, you can answer too. =D So this guy I know flirts lots, and everyone says he likes me, and he is the... Show More

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  • Haha just like me!

    See I'm all funky and I dance infront of the whole school once but if you ask me to present an irla project infront of the class I get nervous and "stage fright". Sometimes I feel that I'm not being my real self and I'm just trying to grab attention. he may feel the same way. I talk to many girls, the opposite of him but I think he likes you. even though its hard to tell w certain class clowns, once you get to know them you ll fnd they ll gravitate and come to a certain person for help or w.e always and it might be you :)

    • Thank youuuuuu. And don't be nervous for class projects! If you crack jokes during it, and make it entertaining, you win the whole class over (and your A+)!