Do athletic or muscular guys only like fit girls?

I go to the gym often because I'm trying to lower my fat percentage and get more toned. When you look at me you won't think overweight or skinny, but more average and a bit flabby for now.

Thing is I catch eyes with many of the fit or muscular guys there when I just look around. I even catch some of the personal trainers looking at me intently. I don't get it, I assume guys only stare at what they like, and I would think fit guys would be only into fit girls...


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a tough question to answer without given pictures. The old saying is that guys are visual creatures more than anything else, which to a certain angle is true, but when you generalize so much you are losing a lot of great qualities.

    I myself am extremely athletic (6'2 150lbs..) and I can honestly say that when I was younger up till now, I liked girls that were fit.. But more and more I am seeing these "fit girls" get nasty attitudes towards a man that approaches them - so it's contradictory; who I was attracted to is applying a negative remark against me without even getting to know me. Turn off!

    Does that mean I'm instantly for the .. I hate this word.. "fat" girls? No. It means I need to keep looking for my ideal mate.

    You see - as times have changed, I'm not so much visual because I recognized behavior that I'm attracted to MORE SO than physical features. If a girl can have fun or be funny, for instance, I would be more inclined to be around her 24/7.. That doesn't mean a relationship, but with how often we are arround each other, something could spark and that would mean a relationship is possible.

    Obviously if you're going to the gym and working on your personality, you are more than gold compared to half this world - most people live their lives like zombies, complaining about how they are too busy with kids.. Come on people - "complaining".. Maybe enjoying is a better word!

    Regardless, give it time and you'll flourish like a flower. I hope the best,

    ~ ArtistBBoy