Short people problems/perks

Short people problems/perks

Well I'm 5'4 and I have officially declared migithood.

Short people problems

1. When you can't reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets and have to try to use your long arms to put stuff away but can't get it back down.

2. When you have to climb on the counter to get stuff from cabinets.

3. When you can stand perfectly on the bathroom counter and fit there.

4. When your nickname from a guy is shorty because no matter how tall they are you still have to wear heels to be face to face with a guy.

5. You have to buy petite pants because no matter what size you are your pants somehow reach the floor. (I don't have that much of an issue with this probably cause I'm tiny )

6. Guys shirts are like dresses on you.

7. When your short friends are actually taller than you now you know you are short

8. We are constantly used as an arm rest

Perks of being short

1. Short guys make us feel tall.

2. Guys randomly pick you up like some play toy (probably cause I'm light but still ).

3. We are fun size (my only hope to not being called short).

4. Guys apparently "feels more manly" (don't ask me why I'm guessing cause they are bigger).

5. We can hide very well (I fit under the sink cause I'm a short stick).

6. We can do what little kids do; llike climbing on a counter and just standing there a bad influence on little cousins😁😁😁😁

Anyone else have a short girl problem I should add lol?


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What Guys Said 4

  • 2mo

    I'm really short,5'4" ish, I think. Unfortunately I'm a guy, some guys like short girls, but no girls like short guys. Unless it's a short girls, then she might. Whatever. I don't know.

  • My wife is only 5' 4", and I tease her all the time that at least 50% of her weight is in her ass (it's a fun tease, because I love her ass). She's only 112 lbs... But YES, I lift her all the time, because I can.

    When we were first married, I use to let her climb on my back and carry her around. And when things got very intimate, I would even let her sit on my back the other way, facing me, if you know what I mean...

  • 5'4 and still calling yourself short? WOW.
    I am the same height but a "man". Totally unmanly :'(

  • My wife was quite petite (shorter than you, anonymous). She was always asking me to reach things. I didn't think I would have anything to do if she wasn't always telling me to reach for this or that.


What Girls Said 3

  • 3mo

    kinda sad knowing 5'4 is short, i'm below 5' anyway :(
    Problem: 9. When shopping, all clothes always too long for you
    Perk : 7. People think you're younger than your real age

  • sounds like a pedophile dream

  • Don't make me feel bad, im 5'3 and in my opinion you aren't short. Honestly to me 5'4 would be the perfect height because your still on the shorter side but not extremely so your height is seen as cute, but on the other hand you could wear some awesome 4" heels and be an awesome 5'8