Why is a marriage more important to the bride than the groom?

It seems whenever I go to a marriage - I've been to no less than 5 of them - they always seem so focused around the bride. The groom seems to be a spectator really.

I mean isn't marriage to do with both people? Not just one?

Why is it then, that most, if not all weddings, are focused almost 80% on the bride?


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  • It's generally mainly the woman that's all into the wedding details---some girls sadly spend more time focusing on the wedding they're having than the marriage itself. I've never really heard of a guy planning out the details of his dream wedding since he was a little kid, just women.


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  • Because she's most likely the one that did the planning. It is just advertisement and the media.

    For example when it comes to selling stuff for men like sports stuff, or beer, or car stuff who is in the add? A HOT chic that probably knows nothing about cars, or sports. But that's what will get guys to buy stuff.

    Weddings are the same, everything is focused for girls because she's the one planning it and it's "her day" and she has to be better than other brides blablabla. Guys don't really care if the roses are pink, or red, or orange... Girls want that movie wedding. Guys don't really care that much.

    It's ridiculous I know, and why spend so much money on shit like that. It will only last a few hours and then it's over. I want to spend money on an awesome honeymoon!

    • The groom plans the day too loooool...

      I care about OUR wedding.

    • Honestly planning weddings just seems too stressful. I don't want to deal with that crazy over priced stuff.

    • And the girl that downvoted me don't hate because I call shit how it is.

  • I have no idea. Culture, I guess. Maybe the woman just cares more about the details of the wedding. The guy, as my boyfriend puts it, "just shows up for the kiss and the girl."

  • That's trueee i'd like to know the answer to that as wellll!

  • Because magazines constantly bombard girls with marriage


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  • Women tend to care more about marriage because it's a way to "leash" your man.

    Think about it: women age (visually) faster than men. And tend to lose their beauty faster than men. On average men in their 40's, 50's and sometimes even 60's look a lot more attractive to the opposite sex than women of that age look to the opposite sex. So it's a lot easier for an older man to get married than for an older woman.

    Besides, women love attention more than men do: their self-esteem and self-confidence relies on on attention, specifically from men, but some attention from women in some cases (such as wedding) works as well.

  • It is mainly the bride because she is a princess.