Would you wife a German Girl?

Would you wife a German Girl ?

Average german girl V logger:

Fun fact:
1. Men in German culture are too pasive and don't ask women out (rarely). So women in those countries aren't as fickle and superficial about looks/material possesion

2. In fact atttractive german women often can go on average 3+ years being single without a boyfriend in their 20's.

3. German women are therefore less bitchy like their western counterpart

If you ask 15 American women out. You might get 1-3 numbers and 1 actual date. The rest are flakes.

If you ask 10 German girls out. You'll probably get 7-8 numbers and 5-6 would actually want to go on date with you.

4. They respond well to flirting and compliments because german men don't know how to flirt.

5. They usually are natural and don't wear much makeup or have acne scars. The average german girl is

6. Most speak several languages (it's easy for german to learn English due to language origin) and are highly educated.

7. Many of them aren't superficial; they don't care about height, older/younger etc. They don't care about material possesion and because of how expensive cars are a lot of girls ride bycycle or use public transportation to go to work.

8. They aren't ask fake as americans and care about your problems. Howver, they are guarded off to strangers initally.

9. Once you make friends with them you'll find they are very polite to both men and women.

10. They aren't misadndrist like people in the west.

11. Most are thin and the lowest in attractiveness is 6.

12. They love aussies.

13. They live in a feminist society

14. They make excellent girlfriends. Far better than girls in the west.


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  • German girl here. And I'm not blonde but a brunette with green eyes thanks for the pic diversity. German women are far more aggressive, independent and tend to wear the pants in the relationship. You forgot to add that. Also, Germany is VERY open sexually so her having many partners before 20 is very common.

    • How many partners do you have?

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    • Alright well using the rule of 5 with women when it comes to sexual partner that means. No less than 25 and more like 50. Thanks.

    • I agree to this "far more aggressive, independent", I will add rational and straight forward to it. It was a welcome change , when I first came here.


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  • I think that is putting german girls on a piedestal, not all American girls are horrible.


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  • 2. Thus Germany has one of the highest rates of promiscuous women.

    6. Most Germans sucks at English, because we simply aren't exposed to it due to dubbing everything movie-wise, etc.

    7. A plain lie.

    11. There are ugly and/or fat german women as well.

  • My cousin married a german woman so no. She can't understand that if you live in Ireland and aggressively shout and insult someone you will get beat diwn.

    • Hey, Man,
      this is extremely rare ! I have been in Germany for many years, and I do enjoy the silence. I barely saw anyone shouting on the street, except the drunk people.

      The German are quiet, and I do feel the German men are too submissive, too girl-ly, on the other end, the women here are somehow not feminine enough.

  • So, you like German girls and want to know if others share your opinion? Well, guess what? We do.
    Have a nice day.

  • Biggest bullshit ever.
    Don't listen to this guy he never was in Germany.
    German girls are less bitchy than anglo-saxon girls but still more than most other countries.

    • Truth!

      They are girls, so give them that. But we can expect straight answers..

      In general, the picture that he paints about them being easy isn't true in my opinion.

  • There are white women left in Germany?

    • what do you mean? 99 percent are whites, if you consider Turkish as whites, because they are fair and are exceptionally hot as well..

  • I don't want to get married at all.

  • Knowing what happens in german porn?

  • The one thing I miss about Europe are their women.

  • Some more cool things about German girls...

    15. German girls almost all love to be naked.

    16. German girls usually sleep with you on the second date.

    17. They like beer.

    • 16, German girls usually sleep with you on the 5th date. (my experience, for a seriuos relationship)

      For ONS, or fun, you can get it anytime and anywhere, which is not of my interest. I feel dirty !

  • Lets have german women then 👍🏻
    Im in the states tho

  • Yes or russian.. i love russian girls X)