What is an "innocent" girl to you?

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And is it a turn-off? I constantly get told that I'm the "innocent girl-next-door" type but I don't know if it's a bad thing or not..What does this even mean?


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  • "Innocent" is a lack of relationship experience. It isn't anything "bad" like you're valueing it; it's merely a way for other people to judge if you have a similar personality from experience.

    Here's a way to put it -

    Kids in class will take a test and pass, yet other kids studied before the test and passed. It's just two different ways of going about life. Granted there are a couple bumps in the road (failures) but it's nothing to hold against yourself.

    Just because your innocent now doesn't mean you always will be. The thing about innocence that is mainly used at younger ages is related to "sexual experience" because not many kids have that; but in your mid 20'-30's it's about relationship experience; and in later life it's about being a "family" person (Meaning you put family infront of all other priorities)

    ... So while you are innocent in sexuality; I'm innocent in family experience. I haven't had a child and there's no way I would know what it's like for a single mother/father to raise one. So I can't say "i know how it feels" or further discuss the subject, because quite frankly I just don't know what I'm talking about.

    It's nothing wrong and people don't hold it against me; infact I look forward to having my first kid. It's just simple things in life that we have to learn and accept about who we are.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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      (I am not disagreeing with your post - it resonated ^^ )

      So, what if you have experienced a lot but have never had sex, & have not been interested in relationships because of work or other obligations...?

      it is not that you are innocent to life, yet people could look at it that way, just because you are not into relationships...(contradiction here)even tho many do not even want relationships.

      like someone coming out of a war, they will have experienced a lot, tho they may never have been kissed...?