How Magic Mushrooms Changed My Life

tl;dr: Took mushrooms, felt like I was alive again and have been ever since. No more depression!

How Magic Mushrooms Changed My Life

Talking about drugs is never an easy subject. Most people already judge you for the fact that you take them. Still, I want to break through this taboo because Magic Mushrooms have the potential to make a positive impact on loads of lives, as it did for mine.

Never-ending Depression
I've dealt with depression for almost 10 years. It was a terrible time that only got worse as the years dragged on. I lost my ability to be social, I wasn't interesting in going out or doing anything else but sit at the computer all day, browsing all matter of questionable websites such as 4chan (got nothing against it, but it's not healthy). I was in my head a lot instead of connecting to my feelings, which got increasingly hopeless. I pushed many friends away over the years.

At some point I got help and was described anti-depressants. They didn't work. They either made me sleepy, agitated or downright suicidal. Whenever I took them I felt like a zombie: Alive to keep going, but not much else.

Then I read about Magic Mushrooms. The substance in Magic Mushrooms is Psilocybin, and how it was being researched as a strong anti-depressant. This interested me loads, but I was too scared to try...

The Trip
I live in The Netherlands, so weed as well as mushrooms can be legally bought here. Finding myself increasingly hopeless I bought a pack of mushrooms when I was in the city one day. That night I took about 2 grams of the stuff and that's where the magic literally happened.

At some point I began to feel warm. Not the kind of heat when you turn on the heater, but warm and fuzzy inside my body. My worries started to disappear, and I could see the bright side of certain things again. I put on a piece of music and I was amazed at how good it sounded! No longer wishing to hide behind my computer, I took the bus to the city, smoked a little bit of weed and proceeded to have an absolute blast of an evening! I had fun with so many different things, it was incredible! I felt confident, I felt beautiful and I felt like the ladies were genuinely interested in me while before I hard a hard time to look them in the eyes! Needless to say I flirted a lot that night.

The Future
When I woke up the next day, the positive vibes were still there! Now I'm working on my future again. I want to get my pilot's license and find a nice woman to share my life with. No more stalling, no more overthinking things. It's time to live my life!

Thank you for reading. Please ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.


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  • Definitely better than cigarettes, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.

    Just get high off nature.

    You should try making shroom brownies.

    • Yeah that is true! Never tried shroom brownies but it sounds like a good idea! I like mixing chopped mushrooms with tea leafs. It makes for a nice brew.

      So, you've done mushrooms?

    • lol, NO! I don't use any substances. But the idea of getting high off of food sounds nice.

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  • that's pretty cool actually. i'm glad you've found a way to battle your depression. i wish the best for you! it's great that you have found a more natural way instead of loading your body with medications.

  • lol in a way this is funny to me--yet educating. Thank you for sharing :)

    • Thanks! I know they aren't a catch-all solution but I was so surprised at how they changed me for the better. And wow I can't believe this got promoted, holy shit! :O

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    • That's cool, what helped you? I'm also a fan of Magnesium, it relieves stress. And of course weed, but sparingly.

    • didn't know that about magnesium. I use herb pharm products. all kinds for brain and memory and stress, allergies, etc lol

  • no thank you I'm good, people also have bad trips

    • So? People also kill themselves on antidepressants.

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    • I suppose they also grow in the wild. But for consumption they're professionally grown, chopped and packaged air-tight. That's how I get them. But you can also grow your own, but I don't do that.

    • Hmm interesting

  • I've also heard these mushroom trips could go horribly wrong.

    And I just don't believe you tried mushrooms once and now everything is great. Lol

    • You don't have to believe me. Believe the scientific research behind it. It is a very powerful anti-depressant and its effect on my was totally unexpected. Skepticism is fine but being anti-science is not. One dose and I felt fine, yes.

      It can go wrong but then you often have yourself too blame. People don't use gram scales and eat too much.

    • Just read the article I linked at the bottom. There are many more articles like it from different studies of Psilocybin on the mind. Again, you don't have to believe me, but the proof is out there.

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  • Gonna try shrooms when I go Amsterdam. Should be a swell experience.

    • Make sure you don't take too much, dude. They almost got banned because of overly adventurous tourists. Do it with friends you trust in a positive settings. And even better is it to weigh them. Bring along or buy a cheap gram pocket-scale, they're not expensive to get. Take about 2-3 grams either chewed and swallowed or strained in hot water to make a mushrooms tea.

      Happy tripping!

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    • Oh, I got to ask... Are you a happy guy or are you hoping they will lift your spirits?

    • I'm happy man!
      I went through a srage of depression in 2012.
      My friend invited me over and I tried weed. It made me happy again!

      I'm fine atm, just wanna try it.
      Gonna book a lads' holiday soon though

  • Just look out for those streetcars while shrooming in Amsterdam!

  • Did you just do them that once, or regularly?

  • i felt like that too

    but the feeling only lasted a couple of days

    then i went back to normal

    • Never tried a second dose? I take them regularly to keep the effects. Or rather, I haven't tested if I can go longer than a week without them without falling into depression again.

  • Funny that I stumbled upon this. It's been a year and a half since I taken them and I finally got a hold of some. Taking them tomorrow.

    • How was your first experience with them?

    • After the trip (trip went wonderfully btw) I felt like I unlocked the secret to life. There was a bad part where I was sweating because I thought of all the negative things in my life but it helped me realize what I was doing wrong and that it only made me stronger. I unlocked a part of me that's been hidden from the world because I was so shy and anxious. I felt like life was on reset and everything and everyone was living my reality. I talked to everyone confidently. Talked to girls easily and planned my success. After a year reality sort of eats you up and you can become weak again if you let it get to you. It helped me stay positive and motivated. I joined the gym, bought books that teach you things, cut ties with toxic people and found true friends, now getting back into college, repaired my relationship with my parents. I appreciated more feminine things without feeling insecure about my masculinity. I never realized how beautiful and elegant woman were, soft and perfect.

    • As a young adult male all I wanted to do was smash pussy and get my number up. Now I'm not distracted by that anymore. If the opportunity calls for it then fine, but I'm more focused on becoming successful and being able to provide for myself, family and future lover. I used to not believe people when they took shrooms and they figured everything out and I hate reading stuff like that. Come to find out that I am the one writing about it now lol. It didn't really hit me until the 3rd time I tried it. I only take them once a year although I feel I don't need it anymore. Cutting down on marijuana, alcohol and crazy bitches also.