Don't Worry, There Is Always Someone Worse Off Than You

Are you feeling a bit blue?

Are you stressed out or anxious?

Don't worry! Just remember this: that there is always someone worse off than you!

There are billions and billions of people on this planet. Surely, there must be someone who is poorer than you, richer than you, thinner than you, fatter than you, sicker than you, meaner than you, nicer than you, uglier than you, prettier than you, whatever.

Go ahead. Have a giggle. Laugh at those unfortunate souls in your head, because for once it feels good to be better than someone in the world.

Compare yourself to a poor kid without any shoes. Then, look at your own shoe-covered feet.

Compare yourself to someone who is illiterate. Then, look at your own ability to read this text.

Compare yourself to a starving, homeless beggar. Then, look at your comfy home and your own situation.

Hopefully, these things bring a nice little smug on your face. Because you know why? You are better than them. And you are better than them, because you have something they don't have.

But if you really are in the worst, most miserable condition in the world, then at least you can always imagine someone in a worse position than you are. Or maybe you just have to find something you are good at or something that make you irreplaceable. In that case, you may not be the best person in the world, but if you are good at SOMETHING, then there is bound to be someone who is worse than you at that task.


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  • I don't doubt that there is someone worse than me but that doesn't stop me from having my own insecurities.


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  • I... kind of disagree. I'm only better in the sense that my life circumstances may be a bit more comforting than someone else. But I don't consider myself better than anyone due to personality, the things I have, etc. I see where you're going with the message, but I sometimes hate to compare myself to other people's misfortunes, becuase that just makes me feel guilty and the urge to try to help them even with my limited resources.

    Yeah, they'll always be somebody less fortunate than me, but then I think about happier people than I am, or the rich people who live in those big houses, in a really nice neighborhood, who have opportunities to travel the world and go do all kinds of things, barely have a financial crisis to worry about, have so many opportunities than I do, yet, I'm sure they'll think they're better than me, and wouldn't want to be in my shoes.

    Right now in my life, I would love nothing more than to be financially secure. All my life I have lived nothing but worry as to what will happen next week, will I and my family get evicted (which we've gotten that letter recently), will we have money if we have a health crisis, how are we going to survive off of just eggs and peanut butter sandwiches, etc.


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  • Very thoughtful take - Well done


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