Why do I feel uncomfortable around older guys?

I can't even remember when this started, but for years now I feel uncomfortable around older men (older than me by 10+ years; I'm 21). Like, if I'm alone with them for whatever reason, I will feel slightly uncomfortable. Then there are times when I just get extremely uncomfortable. Here's a few examples of what I mean: I was sitting in the car with my God father (it was just me and him). Him and I are very close, so I was perfectly fine. Then, out of the blue, I was very uncomfortable and felt the sudden need to cover my boobs; which made absolutely no sense because I never wear anything revealing and I always wear jackets and hoodies (you can't get any more covered up than that unless you wear a coat!). I dunno.. I felt exposed in a sense? I'm not sure how to describe it other than being uncomfortable. Another time that I can remember this happening was when I was taking pictures with my dad (we're also very close) during my prom. He just had his hand gently on my waist like you see in every prom picture. But I felt extremely uncomfortable with him doing that. It's really strange... I don't get this uncomfortable feeling when I'm around guys around my age or younger, but it always happens around older men. I have no idea why I feel this way or how it even started.. any ideas on what this could possibly mean? Or how I could fix this?


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  • This probably has to do with a past memory that you've buried. Perhaps an older man touched you inappropriately when you were young and you were very traumatized by it so you buried it.


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  • that's weird. sounds like you should see a counselor for that.