Supermarket crush confusion?

Call me stupid but even though I am an older women I have not had a relationship in 11 years and have not even dated for about the last 5 due to single-handedly raising my sons who are now grown. I very rarely get a crush but there's this guy who works in my local supermarket who I think is beautiful. Trouble is I have no idea what he's thinking. He sometimes makes strong intense eye lock in with me, he will then smile, then other times he just ignores me. I originally caught him gazing at me the first time I saw him, now he just ignores me. He seems to need to be around work colleagues to feel more comfortable around me. I don't understand as we are hardly youngsters why he behaves this way. I don't know what to do about him. It's hard because he is at work and I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable or seem desperate just because I am older. He sometimes looks almost scared and confused. Am I wasting my time? Please help me out guys :)


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  • some one has to take the 1st step and say hi to one another... then take it from there.

    • Thank you, but I have said hello to him. The next time he saw me we both said hello again and now he's ignoring me. He definitely acts a little odd around me this much I can tell. I don't know how much longer just saying hello will be enough though if you know what I mean. He kind of seems a little suspicious almost a times. There has been the strong eye lock in a few times and he always seems very serious faced during this. I don't think I have ever known anyone act this way before, seems odd.

    • If he is single you can step it up a bit and compliment him on something like his shoes or style etc... If he is taken or uninterested then you may have to chalk it up as a loss and keep it moving...

    • I will give it a go when I am feeling more confident maybe. I think I need more of an indication he actually likes me first though. Although I think he may, I am not to sure and sometimes when we really like a person we can misread and wishfull think. Thanks :)

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  • Giving him your phone number doesn't make you seem "easy" lets him know that YOU are interested, so he doesn't have to "guess" and "ponder".

    Once you get the ovaries to do it (women don't have "balls")'ll be shocked at how well things will accelerate. :)

    • Lol. That's funny. Maybe if he flirts with me a little. Thanks :)

  • You could give him your phone number.

    • I don't think he has given me enough to go on to be that brave as of yet. I would hate him to think I am easy as I can assure you I am not. Do you think it sounds like he likes me, or maybe I am just wishfull thinking? Thank you.

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    • Ok I took your advice and I found out his name and I have sent him a message on Facebook. I have asked him if he is seeing anyone and I have told him I like him. I hope he don't think I am some weird stalker now but I couldn't hold it in any longer. He will never know what it has took for me to do that. Now I am dreading that he either won't get back to me or tell me he is with someone or not interested but I suppose at least I will then know where I stand and can move on if need be. So thank u.

    • no problem. good luck

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