Girls, low blow in a martial arts match against a guy?

Hello, I am a 20 year old guy and recently I started some training in martial arts. Right now I am doing some taekwondo and have been taking lessons for about 6 months or so. I guess I was bragging some about how I am starting to become relatively "good" (in my opinion anyway), and this girl at the place challenged me. Long story short is that I accepted and we ended up betting $20 on who would win. This is going to take place tomorrow (actually later today, as it is after midnight). This girl is about my own age, and I don't think she is far suprior to me, but I wanted to ask:

Do you think in this situation there is a chance she would try to kick/ hit me in the groin?
Would you blame her if she did kick/hit me there?

If you were in her situation would you aim for a kick/ knee/ etc to the groin?

Do you think that she would feel bad if she did that, or would you feel bad?

Thank you!
*I do not have a cup and I don't think I'll be able to get one before tomorrow as I need to sleep tonight and it will be right after I get off my summer job tomorrow.


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  • i think if she has any self respect she won't as there is no sport in doing that. put the area off limits though the same as her boobs!!! do a trade for the 2 places as a hit to the breast is also agony.


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  • Isn't that not allowed? And isn't martial arts all about honor? I don't think it'd be very honorable to kick a guy unceremoniously in the balls. Even if it might be the best move if you had to defend yourself, matches like that are supposed to show your skill, and one match-ending kick shows no skill.

    • haha I hope that is what she thinks... I wondered if money would corrupt that though. I have definitely heard people argue that if a girl is up against a guy that a low blow is not unfair because of the average strength difference. Whether that is your opinion or hers I don't know.

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    • Could I add/message you to talk about how things went?

    • I will tell you about what happened in private, lol but things didn't go too well.

  • She's probably more professional than that, it would ruin her reputation if she used cheap shots.

  • I take Tae Kwon do!
    I went to my first tournament on May 30(kukkiwon cup) second place in sparring!!

    • ... good for you? But that didn't answer the question really.

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    • haaha I mean it doesn't really matter. I just thought that you were always supposed to answer the question when responding to stuff on this site, but I am new.

    • Indeed It is, I just wanted to post my accomplishment.
      If you would like an answer. Then, no I don't think she can kick you in the groin. Tae Kwon do schools, doesn't allow anyone to be kicked in the groin. If she does...

  • I might play dirty if I started to lose.

    • hm... would you blame her for doing that?

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    • I mean would you think it is a bad thing for her to do?

    • Well if you didn't set rules or if the rules don't say she can't do that then it's fine lol.