Difficult Moral Dilemma - The Spouse And The Lover?

You are an EMT on the scene of a car crash that involves your spouse and the lover you didn’t know s/he had. They are both gravely injured, your spouse’s injuries the worst of them. You can tell it’s unlikely s/he will pull through. Meanwhile, his/her lover has a neck wound that will prove fatal if pressure isn’t applied soon. Whom do you choose to work on? (I took this from Buzzfeed)

  • Work on your spouse; even though s/he cheated and probably won’t pull through, your loyalty lies with them.
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  • Work on his/her lover; they can definitely be saved, and even though you may hate them, saving them is your job.
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  • The ethical thing to do would be to treat the person who is in worse condition since there is a greater chance that the other will survive. Anything less is partiality. Admittedly it would be very tempting to treat the person you love, but in an important profession like an EMT which requires you to make important ethical decisions, I would think that you would have to be able to isolate your emotions from the situation.


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  • I believe that EMTs are trained in assessing the severity of injuries so that the one most likely to be saved is prioritized, no?


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  • nah bye fam


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  • Everyone is equal in my eyes, if my job is to save someone then I will do it no matter what they've done