Everyone likes my husband better than me, what can I do to not be so upset or take it personally?

We both are involved in the graphic design field and make websites and logos and we both have a style. We are similar in ways yes but our work as a whole looks differet, obviously calling attention to certain clients. Everyone seems to love his work over mine, and even fans of my work have gone over to him. He gets more "likes" on his graphics than me, by a lot, and followers in our networking sites. It's a huge blow to my ego and I feel invalidated in a sense. I feel embarrassed to keep going, since everyone favors him over me. It just makes me want to give up. I've tried talking to him about how I feel but he gets so mad at me, so I keep it to myself now. I work really hard and feel like even when I do get noticed for my work, it's nothing that makes me feel any better. People know us together, and it's night and day the attention and praise his work receives over my own. I feel like a failure. How can I get out of this downward spiral of feeling like crap about myself?


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What Guys Said 2

  • No matter how good you are there's always someone better than you, thats a fact.

    • This. Basically you just have to accept it and do what you can to improve yourself.

  • Sounds like you just want to be a big fish in a small tank rather than a small fish in a big tank. You should be more competitive and use your husband's example to up your game.


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  • I get what you mean. Although we differ in fields, as an independent author, it kind of sucks seeing others doing better at it that you, even though you're happy for them. As far as you and your husband goes, I think you just have to remember that it's not a competition, and it shouldn't be a blow to your ego. Success isn't for the weak, so find ways to build and make yourself better. Work hard at perfecting your craft everyday, and above all, don't take your husbands success personal.