Country boys like black girls?

hi every one I just wanted to know do country white boys like black girls because were I live that's all it is around are country white boys in I think they are to cute but I really want to know would they date me in get over the fact that I am black because trust me I am not a ghetto load talking wave wearing black girl I am very respectable in I just want to be wanted to by more then stupid ole gangster black boys they really really scary me at times but can any one answer this ? for me and thanks for all your help love always


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  • OMG I just want to shake the sh*t out of you for asking this question.


    im sorry but even though your young and hopefully will grow out of this I have to be real with you. you sound like an uncle tom right now. how can a black person with any pride in themselves want to date a "country white boy"? are you serious? you do know like 50 years ago they would have raped and lynched girls like you right? and the only reason why they don't anymore is because its illegal. most country white boys are racist, sorry to say.

    and yes I did call you an uncle tom because that's how you sound explaining yourself like "I am not a ghetto load talking wave wearing black girl I am very respectable". you have been brainwashed by society to think of your race that way and that is why you feel you have to distinguish yourself by acting like you are *not like those other black girls*. also your comment about not wanting to date a "scary gangster black boy" is ridiculous. you don't want to date a gangster black boy then don't but you don't have to date a country white boy either. can't you find a nice respectable black boy to like? they do exist ya know

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      you are dumb to even say that. i was born in the sticks and that is not true. We dont like gang bangers simple as that. you treat us with respect, we treat you with respect. quit being so close minded