How can a white guy attract black women?

I always see questions on here asking if white guys are attracted to black women. Or if white guys would date, have sex, fall in love, or marry a black woman. However it's asked it's essentially the same thing. I recently started a new job, and the majority of my coworkers are beautiful black women. I'm very attracted to black women and am very interested in a particular girl. She is f***ing gorgeous. But anyways. Any tips on spitting game. I'll be honest, I'm a little out of my element when talking to her. I'm pretty much a corn fed white boy. I feel we have nothing in common. I get nervous and never know what to say. But oh my god, she's is a goddess. Pretty smile, sexy lips, big bright eyes, and that butt...oh man, she has the perfect ass. I'd eat pudding out of it. I want to take a plaster mold of it and make a statue in it's honor. She's super cool too, very nice girl. So where are these black women that are always posting these questions? What attracts you to white men? Are you into wanksta ass white guys, or corn fed country boys? What can I do or say to catch her eye?
How can a white guy attract black women?
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