Why do people always bother black women on Social media? It's like they go out of their way to degrade them?

Its something I've noticed a lot. It comes from black men, white men, Hispanic men and women, white women, Asian women. Its like everyone unites to tear down black women.

It happens on here too. They'll be a question on here like "What kind of girls are you attracted to?' and someone will answer. "I like blondes, but not black women they're ugly af!"

I'm like... OK no one asked you all that. Its like people really go out of their way to somehow degrade black women for literally no reason when the topic isn't even black women. I notice it from everyone. From the black men literally ranting all day on Twitter and Youtube about how horrible black women are and why they're gonna date outside of their race now, to the white, Asian and Hispanic guys making blatant racist remarks on how not attracted they are to black women for whatever reason when no one even asked them if they were. To the white, Latina, and Asian girls who down black women constantly but then get lip injections, butt implants, appropriate our culture and hairstyles, love having sex with black men, but then in the next breathe shit talk black women every chance they can get.

It's really strange. Are black women victimizing people in some way or discriminating against them, for them to be this much on people's minds?

To the black guys on Youtube and Twitter, if you hate black women so much, leave them alone. They're not going to bother if you don't bother them. I find it strange how many of them say how happy they are with (insert race of non-black women), but will still be ranting all damn day about how black women ain't shit, etc.. I would imagine if they were really happy black women wouldn't even be on their minds.

To the non-black guys, no one cares that you not attracted to black girls. If a black girl ask you if you are then it's fine, but for you to randomly exclaim your distaste for black women is strange and creepy.

Non-black women, liking black dick doesn't make you less racist.
Why do people always bother black women on Social media? It's like they go out of their way to degrade them?
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