Do white (caucasian) girls find asian guys attractive?

Hello my dear caucasian chicks, just wondering:

1) Would you ever pick an asian guy to be your boy friend or husband?

2) What are your general perceptions of asian males?

3) Also which kind of asian guys do you girls prefer more? The ones who are locally born, or have been in the same country as you are for a long time (who can speak good English and more open) Or the ones who just freshly arrive from Asia? (broken English, shy but elegantly dressed, skinny/ pretty boy type)

4) Suppose you know there is an asian guy with a medium white guy sized "engine" 6 inchs (aka me), would that make an asian guy appear more attractive to you? (If that was your problem with asian male).

The term asian = Eastern asian. Black hair, light and tanned skin

eg Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and the like.

please comment and be blatantly honest!


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  • Well, I am white. 5'7" dark brown hair green eyes. Asian guys are the hottest guys around, but my only thing is that I like my men over 6'1". Not many Asian guys are. I find that most Asian guys I have known have smoother softer skin than some other races as well. Guys can have an 8 inch "engine" and still know nothing about pleasing a woman, so as far as that goes, who cares...I don't really care about whether or not the guy can speak English well, although I have found that the men not from America who don't speak English well often treat women better than ones who grew up here. On top of that, I have not seen many Asian men body builders(body builders are pretty dang gross as far as I am concerned - what the heck do you do with all that muscle anyway?), and for some reason the Asian men I have known do dress better than some other men - the clothes tend to fit men better when they don't weigh 3,000 lbs. most Asian men I have seen are not hefty, but a healthy weight. Every race has jerks and slobs and idiots, Asians included, so really to know whether or not I would choose an Asian for a boyfriend...that would have to be judged on an individual basis, not really a generalization.

    • Quote - although I have found that the men not from America who don't speak English well often treat women better than ones who grew up here - interesting, I would have thought the opposite because they freshly arrive from cultures who cares less about gender equality, maybe they are shy and seem harmless therefore you think they are nicer to women then local at least I am a local and I treat women with respect.

    • That could be. Thinking on it, I really don't see many Asian guys straight off the boat that don't go for local Asian women. I have also found that being American doesn't make you care about gender's all about a man's upbringing and there are plenty of people out there that learned from their parents to not only disrespect women, but everyone in general...or were not made to show others proper respect.

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  • Oh here goes - blatantly honest - no problem! Answering questions in order: Would I ever pick an Asian guy to be my boyfriend or husband? Yes. Yes. Yes. Seems to be a no-brainer at this point. What are my general perceptions of Asian males? Extremely cute, handsome, hot - wow. Personally, I prefer South Korean males! Kpop bringing me to the awareness of how absolutely GORGEOUS they are! Locally born? Don't care. Have been in the same country for a long time? WHO CARES?! ha ha Who can speak good English? Who cares, once again. The South Korean language sounds hot. I love the written language of it, too. It's beautiful - never noticed it or really was aware of it until I lived in China for a year and happened upon it through a South Korean music awards show and I was amazed by it's stunning beauty - that's just the written language. Freshly arrived from South Korea? Who cares? Not being able to speak English - it doesn't actually matter, just as long as they're able to think in their own language - I mean, one language is generally enough, it doesn't make you any less of a person only knowing your own language. Man have this thing, right; a good looking man can be dressed down and dragged through mud for a distance and he'd STILL look good. When we look at a man - or certainly me - I reckon most of us aren't thinking about certain body measurements. We look for spunk, attitude, behavior , (ok, and general good looks) and though a 'six pack' looks impressive, mental strength gets top marks as well. Now, view a few KPop videos - that determined, seductive look that they keep on delivering - unfortunately we fall for that. Darn it. I saw this, what possibly could have been a Korean man the other week looking at me from a distance - I thought he was hot, well, from what I could see but what could I do? Just stare back? It was a bit awkward. Now if he had have come over to me and started up a bit of a chat - cool, but WE can't do that - it goes against the unspoken 'code' - us being women. There were a few cute Chinese where I was but I think South Koreans get most of my attention, hands down.

  • I am a typical European girl: blue eyes, long blond hair and 5'7. Just wanted to answer your questions...if it still matters to you anyway. XD (I am 20 years oldn don't know if age matters a lot to an opinion, but I assume these days inter-racial couples are more accept.)

    1) My boyfriend is Chinese (Cantonese) and I would be happy if he would become my husband over a few years. I do have to admit that sometimes I am afraid of what his family might think of me. (I realize his grandparents prefer asian girls over caucasian girls)

    2) I went to school for a few months in China, and I think asian males are just the same as caucasian males...I mean their personalities make them who they are, so I assume there are jackasses all over the world and adorable persons as well.

    3) My boyfriend was born in Guangzhou, went to Europe when he was 10. So he can speak my language as fluent as me, but writing is something different. When he's in Europe, my boyfriend acts all european, but when in China he changes in a real Chinese boy (including adoring my blue eyes and blond hair together with his friends). Anyway I think it doesn't matter how well you speak English, as long as you understand eachother, and show affection, it will be alright.

    4) I think that was never a problem for a girl. Size doesn't matter, it's the boy that matters. (And I actually don't know what the normal size is XD)

    Soooo...before you fall asleep: I think everything can work just perfect between inter-racial couples (asian guy-caucasian girl, etc.) There will sometimes be troubles and uncertainities because of the difference (with me it is mostly the family I fear) but every couple has it lovetroubles now and then. :P

    (Sorry for my English and GoOd LuCk! \(^w^)/ )

  • Me as a Latin Woman, I do like Eastern Asian guys. I always thought Asian guys stuck with their own race, also i am very shy around guys. What I like about Asian guys is that some are shy and also friendly. But if one asked me out, I won't turn them down.

  • i think it all depends on the girl

    and why do they have to be white?

    just wondering:)

    • Just want to work out what white girls think about asian guys, and how come there are hardly any white girls with asian guys. While there are lots of interacial couples who the guys are white and the female is asian. I just find it interesting that's all. I am neutral to that. Where as for me I just prefer girls who are taller eg 170cm and bigger (shoulders, hips chest) than girls who are tiny and fragile looking. I suppose, you girls fit into that category more. I still find asian girls that ..

    • I still find asian girls that fit into the taller and bigger category attractive.

  • here is a social networking site for white girls and asian guys.

  • 1) Yes I would

    2) There are none really I believe them to be the same as every other human being but different in there own way.

    3) Honestly it does not matter to me if they like me for me and I like that person for just being them then that's fine with me.

    4) Still a virgin so it wouldn't really matter to me. Even if I wasn't the "engine" size would still not matter.


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  • Hei, I lived in France for about 3 years or more. I want to notice that now a lot of European girls like Asian guy especially in France, Poland, Italia. however the inverse situation from European Boys heartjailed with Asian girls (Thai, Chinese, Viet and Philipino or even Indonesian).

    Since there is a physical judgement that Asian is to short, small eyes, not romantics and nerdy. So it goes to different way and judge all of Asian guys like this. I am quiet tall as an Asian with Chinese ancestor but this is not main problems. Physical is not the biggest issues in my opinion.

    In my view, the main problem is we as an Asian that seems to be shy and don't know girls give a signal to be approached. I use to be re-mind that some girls are try to flirt me from some general signal to the one "caught up". I remember at Frankfurt airport there is French or Germany girl was staring at me until I looking her back and suddenly she was totally nervous.

    I never approached this girl either... Hi (give your hand), would you mind take some coffee? or excuse me what how many minutes the gate will be opened?

    As an asian, I don't want to play with girls. I do want to have one and until now I never got one special in my life, hopefully in the following months. My reason why don't approach this girl is because I have my own destiny, having a good job and become stable in financial and emotional.

    Some Europeans does not have this notion, why? may girls said you should try first and let the time will goes by with your planning. For me, yes and no. I've been raised in really poor family. In my mind, if I don't have a future why should I take one person to be with me and I still put the stone on the concept (Man is the back bone of the family),

    Maybe in my case, I am too shy or underestimate myself. That's true nevertheless, I still keep my Dad and Mother points, you as a man must be responsible what you do, what you want and what is your future.

    Back to the European girls, our "asian culture" is not seems inline with European culture. So sorry to say, we're the loser. But yet, if any European girls date with asian, I assume a lot of them saying, one of Asian quality is familly orientied (FO). My explanation above is one of the detail how this FO comes from.

    Conclusion, if you want to get any girls (not only European), try to balance your self. I mean try to hook up and be more active. imagine, every girls had feeling to be touched on their heart or their girlie (Man goes first and ask date to girl) eventhough Scandinavian girls is one of the though and strong one. but deep inside their heart, still a girl that need to be "shaken". The story of a warrior with a horse and sword try to safe a girl, is still in every girls heart.

    Try to talk, try to approach and don't forget use your Asian culture (treat every girl like your mother or sister).