Do white (caucasian) girls find asian guys attractive?

Hello my dear caucasian chicks, just wondering:

1) Would you ever pick an asian guy to be your boy friend or husband?

2) What are your general perceptions of asian males?

3) Also which kind of asian guys do you girls prefer more? The ones who are locally born, or have been in the same country as you are for a long time (who can speak good English and more open) Or the ones who just freshly arrive from Asia? (broken English, shy but elegantly dressed, skinny/ pretty boy type)

4) Suppose you know there is an asian guy with a medium white guy sized "engine" 6 inchs (aka me), would that make an asian guy appear more attractive to you? (If that was your problem with asian male).

The term asian = Eastern asian. Black hair, light and tanned skin

eg Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and the like.

please comment and be blatantly honest!

Do white (caucasian) girls find asian guys attractive?
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