Biracial men and white women?

i don't have a problem with it but

if there are any biracial guys out there. why is it that most biracial men date non black women? I see biracial women date both white and black but the guys ...not so much.


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  • Just about all races (when they date interracially) tend to desire white partners. Biracial men can probably date a white partner easier than black men, so tend to do it more often. That's my guess. You could consider my multiracial, being of Black, German, Italian, and Cherokee (though I Identify myself as Black) and I've dated Black girls, and would do it again. I don't really care much about race.

    • thats cool

      but most of the time I don't see biracial men with black women you might be the exception

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  • LOL really? I am half italian (white father) half carribean (black/creolle mother). Lets see I have dated, White, Black, Asian, Carribean, Latinas, Indians, even Middle Eastern.

    • Oh also checked your profile and definitely wouldn't mind dating you. You are hawt ;)

    • im in might be a little different here. in the uk white men and black women couples are a little more common. in America...not that much. and are you talking about me being pretty if so thanx..

  • steatopygia

  • And what do you have against white men?

    • a few things actually

      especially the ones like "redzone"

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    • i have a mixed bacground..half my life I grew up in the hood and the other have the "burbs"

      in the burbs I grew up around a lot of white people and I heard some things they said about black people and black women mostly..thats why I ask these questions. I know I ask a lot of question about race but I asked other questions too. when I get my race questions out the way I promise I will ask other types of questions

    • It's okay. I know there is racism still. But on the other hand, this country has never been as accepting toward diversity in her history.

  • I see biracial (White and black parents) men with black women all the time.

    • wow I don't see it at all.

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    • guess***

    • no I only joined a couple of days ago that's why my points are so low

  • you know my side of the story.

    • lol yeah

      i told you I was going to ask others ...

  • Some younger bi-racial males tend not to date black females because black males hate on them more if they do. In other cases if the mother is white the reason could be Freudian. As a bi-racial male myself I'd date anyone attractive enough, but sadly enough I was too broke to date the better looking women of either race black or white & found myself with Latina women. I still think most women care more about money than race.

  • I'm a mixed black/white male, and my reasoning is psychological. Black girls used to hit on me all the time in school, like telling me I'm so good at basketball when I've hadn't made a single point. I could empathize with girls who get hit on nonstop by rude guys, and my friends (of all races) would make fun of me because black girls would practically stalk me. That may have inbedded in me a disposition towards not being attracted to those types of women. To this day black women are always trying to talk to me, but never any other race. Maybe I go for non-black because it's more of a challenge. In terms of school, black women for me are like a blow off class where I know I can ace the class without effort, but I'd rather take the Honors courses.

  • Hi, I'm Biracial and I can answer this question. We basically see dating purely black people as a step down that's why we don't do it

    • but you are part black...doesn't that matter?

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    • So does that mean half of yourself is a step down or is that what your parents taught's just interesting know?

      I personally think that education and culture plays a big role in peoples mentality, a lack of it illustrates the obvious (i'm saying it as a mixed raced person). I'm glad none of my biracial male relatives have that mentality, they are quite cultured and value all.

  • I understand your concern but from a biracial guy's perspective its all about physical attractiveness and black women are not very strong in that area. Its quite simple really. He chooses white or biracial because they fulfill his attractiveness standards that's all

    • ummm

      alot of biracial people especially the men look black themselves

      so how can you dislike someone who looks like you.

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    • most the biracial dudes I see look kinda like obama

      thats black enough

    • have you can either come out black or white! what a stupid arguement!

  • Do you ever talk about anything but race relations?

    • we have to talk about it that's the only way we can move forward. if you don't like what I talk about then don't comment...

    • You need to go ahead and let go of the idea that you can tell me what to do.

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  • Not where I leave, you see all kind of mix of people. biracial male with black women or other biracial is not rare at all here.

  • I wonder the same

  • My theory is if that they were raised around predominately white people, they take on the white culture and want to assimilate and think white girls are better. but the ones I know that were raised around the black culture prefer black girls. just so happens that most biracials are products of white moms and black dads so the mom and her family will probably have the most influence

    • yeah but even if the black dad is in the biracial son life he still usually dates non black women. I've seen urban biracial guys only date non black women. it sucks because white women and black men relationships have increased and if I can't date the black man it sucks that I can't date the offspring either..

    • idk. I've never dated a mixed guy and usually don't know a guy is mixed, I just assume he's light skin unless proven otherwise lol. stop thinking like you can't get a black man, I live in the south too and they still date us. most of them don't even f*** with white girls like that

    • If black women really want to solve the problem, then I suggest that they stop breeding black male children - a simple solution, then white girls won't have black guys because the f***ers will all be extinct and there will be no more biracial black guys whose moms are white and don't date black women. Problem solved.

  • i see the opposite actually. A lot of biracial men around here date strictly black women

  • Maybe it's like that in the south, but over here the couples are really mixed. Biracial guys do date black girls.

    • over where?

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    • Not only are you in America, your in the south. Things up there are amplified/different from everywhere.

    • might be

      but I'm sure all over America...most biracial dudes date non black women.

      im just trying to figure out why.

  • It's all preference, you can't generalize people. Enough with the black/white questions or I'm going to cut a hoe. Seriously.

    • its not black and white its biracial

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    • because me and my friends were talking about race and it got me the thinking...thats all

    • ah, okay.