Do politics matter in your relationship or date?

I was talking to my boyfriend and told him that if we didn't share political affinity it would be awkward to talk about many things and it would probably turn me off for a lasting relationship.

I might have taken it a bit too far, but I wonder if you guys have had lasting relationships regardless politics, or do you just avoid the topic.


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  • It matters to me.

    I have strong political views, but it's more than that: my political views are based on my values and worldview. They don't have to share every political view that I have, and some political issues hold more weight to me than others, but having very different political views would suggest to me that we have very different values and worldview and that we're likely not compatible.

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  • I don't want to date a statist.

  • Depends on the person. If we can disagree about fiscal policy or have different religious views, fine. But if us having different politics means me having to hear her bash my side, or hear constant rants or bullsh*t about how jesus created the world and the republican party... no. I can't date someone like that. I don't want to listen to political radio shows. I don't want to hear how one party ruined everything. I have my own views... but I have something called tact, and manners. I don't go looking for a fight. And most political people these days are the opposite of that. No thank you. They'll be the same political views as me - a sane moderate.

  • It definitely depends on how extreme, on either spectrum, the person I'm dating is. I'd like to say that it doesn't matter at all, but it does to an extent. As long I can trust the other person, we can keep "cool" heads and actually discuss (not argue), then it would be fine.

  • depends, I doubt it will not work with an extremist.. but otherwise politics is just or politicians, just as political correct is also just for politicians.

  • Never.... Politics and religion is what makes society retarded and stupid, our is fucked up because of that bull shit..

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  • yes of course/. its not really about not having stuff to chat about., its that I have the convictions I have for a reason. h how can I share a deep bond with someone who has a totally different outlook. code of ethics, & sense of justice, can not vary tremendously, with someone I am to love.

  • no because I don't care about politics at all myself

  • YES.

    he must be a mao-dzongist or NO GO!