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Why do my boobs smell like sweaty socks?

I shower twice a day and I wash my bra often. Is this like a hormonal imbalance of some sort?

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  • Try a different body wash, and lotions after you are done in the shower. I personally use an exfoliating body scrub and the same same smelling lotion, my boobs always feel soft and smell good

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  • My fiance's boobs smell like chocolate chip cookies, which we're both quite happy with. Try eating more sweats.

  • Since yours are big, try some gold bond underneath your bras after your daily showers, and change them for clean ones every day as well.

    One possibility is you might have a sebaceous cyst somewhere in your boob area that is opening and smelling nasty

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  • get an exfoliating body wash maybe

  • Past the expiration date.

What Girls Said 6

  • Do you sweat under your breasts? Could be something you are eating and sweating out

  • Do you sweat alot?

  • are you overweight? obviously wash them, but if you have rolls of fat they will sink up faster..

  • Are your boobs big?

    Do you not fully dry after showering? That smell couldbe a form of mold

    • Yes they are. I am an DD-cup. I do every time. But I read somewhere that it can be a hormone thing so it got me wondering.

  • Are you washing/alternating your bras?

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