Girls, If a another girl calls your boyfriend's phone?

And you answer his phone what would ask the girl who is trying to speak to him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say (and actually have said since that has happened to me like 7 times) "sorry, my Girlfriend left her phone here and she's not around, you better call her later", and that only after it sounds at least 2 times, the first one I wouldn't answer, is not my phone so it's not my right, and very likely, the call is not for me, I read below, "if the girl is acting suspicious", well if the boy was acting suspicious, that had happen also, but only once, I did the exact same thing and then asked MY GIRL "who is that guy? he sounded kind of shady", while the other 6 times I was just like "hey, they called you, check and call them back since they called more than once (one even left his message and begged fpr me to have her call) they may need something", then she feels how much I DON'T doubt her, so when the time comes that it happens something wierd, she also knows she can be open with me, so if she answers I'll believe her, if she lies, well, I'm rightfull to her, it won't be on my conscience