Girls, If a another girl calls your boyfriend's phone?

And you answer his phone what would ask the girl who is trying to speak to him?


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  • I would say (and actually have said since that has happened to me like 7 times) "sorry, my Girlfriend left her phone here and she's not around, you better call her later", and that only after it sounds at least 2 times, the first one I wouldn't answer, is not my phone so it's not my right, and very likely, the call is not for me, I read below, "if the girl is acting suspicious", well if the boy was acting suspicious, that had happen also, but only once, I did the exact same thing and then asked MY GIRL "who is that guy? he sounded kind of shady", while the other 6 times I was just like "hey, they called you, check and call them back since they called more than once (one even left his message and begged fpr me to have her call) they may need something", then she feels how much I DON'T doubt her, so when the time comes that it happens something wierd, she also knows she can be open with me, so if she answers I'll believe her, if she lies, well, I'm rightfull to her, it won't be on my conscience


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  • Hi, who is this? Let me see if he is available...

    That is about the beginning and the end of it. What if the person is a co-worker, relative, old friend, etc etc. You can't very well assume that every girl who calls a phone is some sort of threat. If it is a girl who seems cagey or hangs up if you answer then you may have reason to be concerned. But if this is an isolated incident then don't make more of it than it is.

    • why who is this matters? and if you do not tell the girlfriend your name and then she hangs up why?

    • "who is this" ... because that's how I was taught to answer phones by my parents.

      Do you trust your boyfriend? Has he given you recent to suspect that anyone who calls him is doing so for any shady reasons?

      If you're fretting about it for fretting's sake then it's just a matter of trust and jealousy.

  • I can say from a guys perspective, if a guy called my GF's phone, and I answered, I'd have faith in her that he's a friend, coworker, her boss, or a family member. Now if she's acting very suspicious then I'd have room for questioning.

  • I have many female friends who frequently call my phone. They are nothing more than friends and I'd never have an interest in cheating and she's aware of that. No harm, no foul.

  • Try to see where they are at so I could "hook up" with em


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  • Sure, hold on.

    In general I would know all of the people he spoke to and would have more than likely met them. If I didn't know who it was I would just ask after they are done speaking. It would be suspicious if his actions were different/changing while he was speaking to her. You should be open enough to know his friends/family/and new comers especially if you have been dating for a while. It may be nothing. Just ask.

  • "Hey what's up? He's not here right now this is his girlfriend."

    It's just a phone call...unless there's something else that I've been noticing lately it doesn't mean they're banging.

  • Hi, he's in the middle of something (if he really is) can I take a message?

    I don't generally jump to conclusions unless its a guys name on the caller id and a girl ison the line.Or if its a skank iI don't like.

    I might ask some more questions if I thought it was a groupie ho.

    • why who is this matters? and if you do not tell the girlfriend your name and then she hangs up why?

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    • Well if I ask someone who they are, I expect an answer. Its common courtesy, in my opinion. Are you sneaking around with this guy or doing something shady with him?

    • Nope. Its seems shady if a woman is DEMANDING a woman to ask who are you.