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What are your plans for today?

what are you for the weekend are you doing anything special?

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  • watch the new series of merlin, a few video games, reading up on current events

    • that does sound relaxing

What Guys Said 16

  • I think none. I think I'll just read on some self-help books to improve my overall as a person.

    • that's good

  • Coached my YMCA team earlier today. Now I'm just gonna watch the NFL playoffs for the rest of the day.

  • Working and then going to a funeral, and then...i don't know what else yet.

  • 1. saying that you have a cute pic.

    2. eating

    3. sport

    4. fun stuff

    • thx :) sounds like a fun weekend

  • Me and my buddy Hank are gonna make duck faces.

  • going to watch the football playoff game tonight. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday so there's not that much I can do lol

    • you probably can't talk right huh

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    • aww I hope you get better soon Lj236 :)

    • thanks lol. I will be better eventually ;p

  • Playing videogames and watching football.

  • Funeral and spending time with my grandpa in the hospital.

    • thats good

  • It's 5pm here and I just woke up. Had a late night last night. Safe to say any plans I had for today have now gone out the window.

  • I need to find a job. I can't drive my car without one and the one I had, I quit because of the conditions I was working in. The only job that I have sort of lined up for, I won't be able to work until late feb. or early March. But I need one until then, so that's probably what I'll be doing, most likely

    • oh I'm sorry to hear that I hope you find the job that you are looking for

    • Thanks for that..so why did you ask this question?

      ...and those are quite some pictures you've got there

  • Work. What are your plans?

    • i am going shopping today with friends :)

    • Enjoy my dear :) Now don't spend too much on that credit card alright lol

  • gonna play some video games with friends

  • Do my laundry and play video games.

  • My plans for the weekend are to RELAXXXXXX! ha ha It's the first weekend my football team won't be playing, so that's kind of a bummer, but I'll still watch the playoffs anyway. I'll just beat and sore. Woke up at 7am, was at the gym by 8. Worked out, did an hour of personal training for one of the younger kids at the gym, then worked out some more, then did shadow boxing/body shots with an a guy around my age as part of his personal training thing. By that it was past noon, so I called it a day.

    But right now I'm just glad school is on break, otherwise I'd be swamped between all the homework and boxing. So my plans for today and tomorrow are just to enjoy this fleeting moment of down time.

    What about you?

    • I'm just*

  • download p0rn and masturbate all weekend long.

What Girls Said 4

  • studying ^-^

  • its snowing so I'm just gonna chill inside the house with my preggo (about to pop soon) cat and boyfrend

  • Cramping :(

    • thats no good :(

  • going to the movies with my boyfriend then sleeping over his house

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