Why do girls think it's OK to wear leggings as pants in public these days?

If I wanted to see your camel toe and ass I would give you 20 dollars for a private dance like a stripper. Why do girls think it's not trashy to wear leggings with nothing covering their butt and front in public?


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  • you know what? I am a girl and I have the same exact question. I feel disgusted by these girls...maybe like this we could spread the word ;)It looks really bad.

    • It is bad. It's about as bad as if I walked around in tight spandex undies showing the outline of my penis everywhere I went. For some reason lots of girls don't get that though.

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  • I agree tights should only be worn as pants as long as the top comes down to thigh level. I have to admit I'm guilty of wearing yoga pants that show my butt quite often however. The only difference is that they flare at the calves/ankles...but the material is pretty much the same.

  • it is OK to wear leggings as pants in public if they're worn with a dress, skirt or a long flowing top. the reason I like wearing leggings because they are so comfortable and I only wear black leggings which has an elongating, slimming effect on a short curvy girl like me...

    • lol they got coverage :D

    • Well as long as your butt and camel toe are not on display you're all good.

    • well my top is still not long enough to be called a dress so the leggings are my pants.

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  • I agree with you 100%!But on the other hand, I wear Victoria Secret yoga pants & sometimes they're leggings style. They get tight around your lower legs, but they're just like yoga pants on top.Typically girls think it's attractive to guys, when in truth it's not, but I have come across guys that dig that look. I think it's nasty. Yoga pants are my thibg.

  • I never understood this either. I wear leggings a TON...but always under a skirt, dress, or long shirt. I've never worn it with my butt or anything else showing. I've tried and then immediately put something on over it because I feel like I'm walking around naked. Some girls can pull it off I guess though. I just have more of a pear shaped figure, so I always feel like the twiggy girls would make fun of me for having a butt and wearing it like that.

  • I've done it but only with tunic style tops that cover everything! I also make sure the leggings are completely opaque. I feel like there's a right way and a wrong way and I definitely know what you mean when girls wear it the wrong way.

    • Yes you wear them correctly in my opinion.

  • Why do you care? That's the style. If you don't like it, go for a girl with a different style.

    • So if you think they're trashy don't go for them, someone else will.

    • I just think it's trashy for girls to display all their junk out in public.

  • Because it's comfortable and not all girls walk around with camel toes or wearing thin, cheap leggingsLululemon is amazing <3

    • I guess I'm becoming a prude as I get older but those pants look pretty damn tight and form showing to me.

    • 100$ lolIt amazes me how much women are willing to pay for so little fabric!

    • Nah, for $100 they don't I think I know what I'm buying and I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would have a fit if camel toe showed

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  • fashion changes rapidly. I remember back in high school bell bottom or flayer-ed jeans were the main thing, then later in college skinny jeans that cut at the ankle became the new thing, and in between leggings became the new thing. if worn properly leggings are very comfortable, sexy, flattering to your figure and make you look stylish and casual at the same time. as long as they aren't sheer and super thin material its fine. its just like yoga pants but not flayered at the feet.

    • Really? I don't see it like that. I don't think I can ever see a woman's ass that much in a dress. Jeans are more revealing than a dress to me.

    • id feel more self conscious of my ass wiggling if I wore a dress

    • I get what you're saying to a point, since I'm a guy I can't help but sexualize it more I guess. Leggings do show a lot more than a dress though. And imagine how you would feel if I walked up to you wearing black tights showing my bulge in front lol. This is practially what women do walking around in leggings in my opinion. What about little kids that have to see all that junk hanging out or young men that maybe just think of women as a sex object because all they see is an ass wiggling lol?

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  • it's comfortable. I make sure mine are not see through or overly tight. I also wear them to the gym or usually with a big sweatshirt or long top or tunic that covers my hooha and all or most of my butt

    • You're border line OK in my opinion. In the gym you could at least wear some athletic shorts over your leggings but the gym is kind of a place you expect to see stuff anyways. In public if your hooha and butt are covered it's fine but it still makes you kind of scrubby looking if you have a long sweater over leggings.

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  • Because they don't have to explain to you what they wear. It's not about you, you don't get to decide what other people choose to wear :P Live and let live, man.

    • I never said I get to decide. I'm free to point and laugh whenever I see a girl in leggings though and in my mind I'm thinking she looks like a skank.

  • I like it. The girls that have camel toes poking out are wearing leggings that are too tight or too thin. Apparently they're warm, comfy, and make legs look slimmer or something like that so they have function as well as fashion.I disapprove of guys wearing wife beaters and undershirts as regular shirts but there's plenty of people that do that as well.

    • I'm a guy and I've wore leggings as pants in public, I'm very girlie tbh. Even wore knickers/panties too

    • Winter weight ones, sure.

    • ppfft... You can't tell me skin tight leggings look warm with a straight face.