What is white girl Wednesday?

I see this all the time on twitter. Girls post #whitegirlWednesday sometimes with a picture of themselves in a mirror. It's everywhere today... I don't get it.


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  • for white girls who like black guys lol


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  • Pretty boy swag black guys basically pay tribute to the white girls who entertain their desire for a white girl


    • ah I see. but the other answerer said it's for white girls who like black guys.

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    • ooo so you aren't white but you like black guys?

    • I don't like all black guys but I find some attractive. just like I don't find all white guys attractive

  • i think you get white girl wasted on #whitegirlWednesday but I don't know lol

    • lol we're getting closer to an answer then?

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    • lol thanks for your work

    • youre welcome. I slaved over those links for minutes.

What Guys Said 2

  • 90% of top trend tweeters are urban minorities. That should explain it.

    I'd love to start #miniskirtMonday where hot chicks post creative miniskirt pics...

  • Bunch of white immature women who need attention from wannabe black thugs who girls think are cool because they flaunt money or because they pretend to live the rapper lifestyle. The rest of us fellas just laugh at the hunger and thirst of these black males who I don't know for what reason adore white women, they're just like Latinas, asian, and black women nothing special about them. But several black males have some type of race inspired motive toward this trend. As long as I don't have to pay for their welfare I could careless about this garbage trend.