Do People from Hispanic countries fart a lot cause of all the beans consumed daily?

That must be a common thing, how can you eat so many beans without passing so much gas?


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  • Lol I never thought about this :P

    • :D

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  • u must eat a lot of beans ,u are blowing a lot of hot stinky air

  • I don't know. I think different things make different people gassy. I've never had an issue with beans, but I've always had to steer clear of pears if I don't want gas. Not sure why.

  • I was friends with a Hispanic girl, when I went to her house I didn't hear/smell any farts, but they were very kind and welcoming, they seemed to be a lot closer and happier than my family (white).

  • Refine Hispanics

  • Bahahaha

  • What made this offensive was the word "Hispanics".perhaps if you worded things differently. It would have been funny not, for example."When people eat beans on a daily basis do they fart alot?"and then you could say in the description box... "is it possible people eventually get immune from farting?"

    • umm no its very relevant, you just can't see it

    • Irrelevant.

    • check the update and you'll see how wrong you are

  • Hispanic countries don't necissarily eat a lot of beans.

  • Boiling your beans with baking soda seems to help prevent a good portion of the gas issue, lol.

  • It's funny how upset some people are about this question. Lol It's just a question people. I laughed. I've never really thought about it before though. I hate beans so I never eat them and I'm also never very gassy. I don't know many Hispanics though so I have no idea how gassy they are. Haha

  • I know how the song goes but I always thought it was a joke. Do beans make you fart? I eat them and never noticed a difference. I never even believed people fart between 15 to 25 times a day. I must be farting 15 to 25 times during my sleep because unless I'm using a public toilet I rarely fart knowingly. BTW public toilet thing, while amusing, is not intentional.

  • Hahahahaha this made me laugh... ha ha what a question... ha

  • Beans are high in fiber. Fiber is good for the digestive system.This is a dumb question.

  • seems like a lot of people are in denial. it's a scientific fact that increased consumption of certain foods equals an increase in flatulence. you can't become immune or build up a tolerance. it's how the body processes those foods.

    • i know about that and no it's not the same thing. it's not just the fiber content.

    • false. you precisely can become accustomed. this is why if you are not used to eating much fiber they tell yo to increase it slowly to avoid farting alot. til your system acclimates.

  • I doubt it. They are used to the beans

  • and people who eat too much hot and spicy food too... and not actually from Hispanic regions.

  • Do you fart with all hamburgers that you eat old fart?

  • I don't get it.

    • durrrrr

  • Depending on what part of Latin America a person is from, they may not eat beans...And no. I grew up eating beans so I don't get bloated or gassy when I eat them

    • I don't even remember the last time I had beans

  • This is a stupid question and a lame troll attempt.*eye roll*

  • Hispanic people don't eat beans everyday.

    • No we don't bro.

    • some probably don't, but most of them do

  • ok, I don't know if you notice it but you sound really ignorant by asking this,

    • Im sorry but she has better arguments

    • blah blah blah. sore loser

    • Um, no. Even If you found online that Mexican or Hispanics eat a lot of beans you are not taking into account all the other things that Hispanic people eat. You don't talk about the consumption of other things that Hispanics eat and making a comparison based on that. People all around the world eat things that give them wind. How you asked the question sounded like people in other countries didn't eat things that make them fart, and that Hispanic people eat a lot of beans.

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  • Their bodies are used to it

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  • lolol definitely the best white dancer ever!

  • lol

  • Hahaha

  • whoa! are you Hispanic yourself? cause you must be around Hispanic people 24/7 if you know how much we fart. and are you actually always aware of people farting?

  • Do American people fart a lot because they're so fat and look gassy all the time?

  • LOL you must be white.

    • His question was wrong from the beginning because not all Hispanic countries eat beans. He used statistical evidence about Mexican Americans to make a generalization of all Hispanics. In not being racist, I'm merely pointing out how ignorant that question was by saying what I said. This question was so hilariously ridiculous that I told my my neighbor and he was laughing his ass off.

    • So it's okay for you to be racist, but not for the asker to ask a race-specific question? Reallly? wtf

    • Lol.

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