Do People from Hispanic countries fart a lot cause of all the beans consumed daily?

That must be a common thing, how can you eat so many beans without passing so much gas?


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  • Lol I never thought about this :P


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  • It's funny how upset some people are about this question. Lol It's just a question people. I laughed.

    I've never really thought about it before though. I hate beans so I never eat them and I'm also never very gassy. I don't know many Hispanics though so I have no idea how gassy they are. Haha

  • Boiling your beans with baking soda seems to help prevent a good portion of the gas issue, lol.

  • u must eat a lot of beans ,u are blowing a lot of hot stinky air

  • ok, I don't know if you notice it but you sound really ignorant by asking this,

    • are you saying Hispanics don't eat lots of beans?

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    • blah blah blah. sore loser

    • Im sorry but she has better arguments

  • Hahahahaha this made me laugh... ha ha what a question... ha

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  • lol

  • LOL you must be white.

    • Obviously...

      white people are sensitive to beans and anything with spice

      that's why they love hamburger helper

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    • So it's okay for you to be racist, but not for the asker to ask a race-specific question? Reallly? wtf

    • His question was wrong from the beginning because not all Hispanic countries eat beans. He used statistical evidence about Mexican Americans to make a generalization of all Hispanics. In not being racist, I'm merely pointing out how ignorant that question was by saying what I said. This question was so hilariously ridiculous that I told my my neighbor and he was laughing his ass off.

  • whoa! are you Hispanic yourself? cause you must be around Hispanic people 24/7 if you know how much we fart. and are you actually always aware of people farting?

  • Hahaha

  • Do American people fart a lot because they're so fat and look gassy all the time?

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