Ladies, why do you crave attention?

Ladies, why do you crave attention?

I notice that many women inherently crave male attention as part of there genetic makeup.


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  • I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that.

    I cannot speak for every woman, but I am being very honest when I say that I do not crave attention from men (or from women, for that matter). I am content with myself, and do not need someone else to confirm my worth by paying attention to me.

    That said, I acknowledge that there are certainly personality types of both genders that desire attention (from family, friends, relationships, etc.) to help keep up their mental well-being and self-confidence.


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  • Ladies, why do you crave attention?

    Bit off to me as I don't find gals generally crave attention. I don't crave attention especially male attention if anything I try to avoid it or discourage it though now it's mainly avoiding it as discouraging it was easier in high school when I could just humiliate the guys approaching me and then male onlookers would get the message to stop pestering me with unwanted uninvited attention they thought I should bow down to them being oh so grateful and appreciative of.

    "I notice that many women inherently crave male attention as part of there genetic makeup."

    Meh different experiences as I find many gals crave specific male attention such as rich hot usually high status guys. I find guys tend to crave attention way more than gals often bemoaning how they don't get approached or complaining that gals don't find guys as desirable as guys find gals. Guys seem to be quite eager and seek out to be sexualized.

    • Come to college campus one time and you'll see almost everything girls do is for guys attention. Making out with other girls at parties to get guys crowding over them, doing all kinds of stupid stuff and dressing provocatively. Nothing new women crave male attention.

    • @needhersobad

      I am at a college campus and it supports my answer. The gals generally do everything they can for specific male attention- the hot high status guys.

      Meh if gals craved male attention they wouldn't be quick to call creep, loser, and such nor would there be popular heavily user generated sites like Hollaback which is a retaliation against male attention or popular games like "Hey baby" which is a violent reaction where you can shot guys giving you attention.

    • @needhersobad

      If anything the amount of virgin guys, inexperienced guys, incel guys, and guys whining about how their failures in romance/sex would suggest that gals do not crave male attention they crave specific male attention- hot rich high status guys.

  • Yes. I crave attention from the ones that I love, I have the 'people pleaser' syndrome when it comes to them, but it stems from feeling like I was never good enough since I was younger. I am learning to focus only on pleasing myself though so yay! :)

  • me?no

    in the past, I was bothered by the attention and it made me felt weird till one day someone told me to enjoy it. and I don't like make up and don't know how to use it.

  • duh

    • Elaborate please

    • We feel better about ourselves when many men flock to us, kind of how guys feel when roles are reversed. Therefore, girls who get a lot of attention have a larger pool of candidates to choose from as a potential mate.

      I love when men tell me I have a beautiful face, a sexy body, a great personality, or even just when multiple men try to compete for my attention. It's human nature, haha, who doesn't like attention?

  • lol So youve noticed something in your everyday life and conclude that its part of womens genetic makeup?

    Well, that's logical.

  • I personally don't. I don't see the point in garnering male attention unless he's a hot rich guy.

  • I have done my research and I've come up with the fact that the majority of ladies craving attention is because they didn't get much feedback as children; from parents and other people they care about. It is that strong urge to feel pretty and wanted, that strong need for positive feedback.


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  • Human beings need attention in one form or another.

    If someone goes their whole life getting zero positive attention from thr opposite gender you can bet they have self esteem issues and possibly something more deranged going on in their brain.