Do guys prefer short girls or tall girls?

I'm 4'10 yes I know I'm really short. The guy I like is well over a foot taller than me and I just wanted to know if height is really a problem. Do guys prefer short or tall girls?

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  • I'm 5'3 and my boyfriend is 6'2. I admit I wear heels when I'm around him just so I can kiss him easier lol.

  • I'm 5'4 and most guys that approach me are 6ft and taller but I'm glad I'm short because I like them tall

  • I hope short because I'm 5"4'! Lol

  • This is an old question, but oh well...

    I'm 5'4 and where I come from, that's borderline midget. My boyfriend is 6'5 and the average male by me is 6'2. The average female is 5'9. He likes me just fine so...I'm gonna go with short girls, I think...

  • Everyone is unique and everyone has a different taste.

  • I'm 5'2 lol...Pretty short...

    Oh well, what can you do?

  • I'm 4'10 too *high-fives* >.< my boyfriend's 6ft.. and I've dated guys who are taller.. and so has my mom (she's 4'11).. so I don't think you need to worry :D

  • I don't think it really matters to them.

  • Even if guys like tall girls lets be honest how many couples do you see with a taller girl

  • medium height 'cause I am of medium height(5'5) :P

  • I'm seriously surprised on how much guys like taller girls! I knew that some guys do like tall girls but wow. Guess I shouldn't be taking girl advised on guys XD If anyone cares, I'm 5'3 :)

    • I don't think this poll is representative, not enough participants. There have been studies on this matter with way more people and the results were always that way more guys prefer short girls. :) I do, too, by the way. :)

  • I always think tall girls are prettier. They look elegant I'm five feet and I feel like a little awkward kid even though in 18. I wish inwere just average height

    • I'd take someone who's 5 feet in a heartbeat :) I'm 6 foot and a girl my height feels more like a buddy and way too manly. Short girls make me melt, they are almost always elegant and sexy. Be proud of your height, have confidence. :)

    • Oh I think it's funny. I was quoting it so...awkward

    • Nope I've never seen it

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  • I wish I could date one of those nba players that are like 7'4 so I could feel girlycute/fun sized. I'm 5'9 and my boyfriend is 6'3 and I am the tallest girl he has ever dated it sucks. Short girls are so lucky.

  • being 5ยด11" I definitely prefer taller guys, I would feel like a giant if not... hopefully some guys can dig that as well :)

  • I am 5 '2 and always have been hit on by 6' or over I love it, but I love big guys, and they seem to love me:)

    • I'm a 6' guy and I melt inside when I see short girls. :[ They are the best.

  • There is advantage on both sides. Short girls are more youthful and cute, tall girls have long sexy legs.

    • Taller girls than I am (5'4")... So 5'6" - 5''9". Now the only trick is to telling if they're flirting with me or just being friendly.

  • I always thought that guys usually prefer girls who they can be taller than, so it can be relative. Then again, some guys do find taller girls more attractive because height and posture speaks a lot about the confidence of girls.

  • I'm on the shorter side (5'2). I've noticed that taller guys are more attracted to me in general (6'1 and taller) than shorter guys are (5'6 and under). I think that as humans we generally try to balance out our genes subconsciously.

  • Im short and I say average height guys like me more than tall

  • Idk, I'm really short. Like I'm only 5feet, but I think I'm TOO short. I might get lost in the blankets on a king sized bed.

    • You are welcome. I've always found myself attracted to short girls. I'm 6'0 and 5'0-ish girls make me melt inside. :) I just feels so romantic and sexy at the same time, protecting and caring for her. A girl my height feels more like a good buddy to me. So don't worry about it. Short girls rock. :)

    • Thank you. I kind of make fun of my own height at times. I think it's ironic since all of my siblings are freakishly tall and I'm below average.

    • 5 feet is perfect for a woman, you are not too short :)

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    It depends on the guy. As for me, I am a tall skinny guy who stands 6-foot-1 so I gravitated toward short heavyset girls. Case in point. One of my short heavyset girlfriends was more fat than stocky and she was incredibly strong! She stood only 4-foot-9 but she weighed in at a massive 190 pounds while I weighed in at a measly 125 pounds (10 lbs skinnier than I am right now) even though I towered over her by an incredible sixteen inches! One day, she boldly challenged me to a weightlifting contest to find out which one of us could lift a bigger, heavier barbell overhead. I figured I could easily outlift her simply because I stood way taller than she did without even considering the fact that she far outweighed me. She came over to my place where there was a big, heavy, fully-loaded barbell that I had already set up on the floor. I already knew I wasn't strong enough to lift it over my head because I had already tried. I watched her while she lifted that big heavy barbell up from the floor and then she easily swung it up over her shoulders and then she easily lifted it over her head. I just stood there, STUNNED! I told her I couldn't do it but she still wanted to see me try (she said to me: "Now let's see you do it"). While she looked on, I lifted that big, heavy barbell up from the floor but when I tried to lift it over my head, I COULDN'T EVEN GET IT ABOVE MY THIGHS! It didn't turn her off. In fact, it turned the both of us on! Afterward, we both walked over to the sofa where she and I began kissing each other passionately and caressing each other while we both stood in front of each other. I was barechested. I stood so much taller than she did that my nipples actually rose above her mouth!

  • Honestly, I PREFER tall girls, around my height or taller. It is just a preference.

    BUT it doesn't mean I wasn't in a relationship with a petite one. My last relationship was with a 4'11/5'0 girl. I'm 5'10 myself.

  • Tall girls! I want a girl who is as tall as me or even taller, I think it'd be cute for me to kiss her with me being shorter!

  • Personally, I don't have any height requirements. I look ore at the eyes and facial features for the physical and then I look inward for charisma, character and chemistry. Generally though, most of the girls I've dated tend to be shorter (between 4'11 and 5'2), but I have dated and would never exclude a woman who was closer to my height.

    Generally it all comes down to how well you match up in terms of personality, chemistry and compatibility than how you measure up height wise.

    I voted C because I really don't place height constraints on the women I'm attracted to.

  • i like taller girls. I think they are attractive.

  • I like short and tallk girls as long as they are fine ill date them.

  • I'm 6'7, I really don't have a preference.but if I had to choose a woman that's shorter than me

    • woow! your tall so cool

  • Sex is difficult if a girl is too much shorter so I'd prefer a girl who is 2 - 5 inches shorter than me. That would be a girl that is 5'9? - 6'.

    • *5'9''

  • Short girls, short girls! I'd rather date someone who is 4'10 than someone who is my height (6'0). Tall girls feel more like buddies than lovers, they don't make me melt inside like short girls do. :)

  • shorter but having cleavage directly at eye level may be a nice change lol

  • Tell him you want to try something new. If he likes sex and he likes seeing you satisfied

    ..he will say yes. If he says no...then he is not too confident in himself.

  • I got a questing for everyone... Why does it matter if she tall or short as long she makes you happy and you both get along hahahahaha everyone see picky these daysss


    • Seriously. My sze doesn't give off anything about who I am.

  • Girls of any height can look cute or hot, but short girls look too compact for my liking. I find myself more attracted to tall girls.

  • Shorter girls are cuter

    4"10' I dated girls with that height, I liked it.

    My girl is 6"

    I'm 6"4'

    We fit together, but nothing else fits her.

    It is difficult for her to get a cute look

  • It depends. My girl friend is around 5.3" and I'm around 6. Even though I like tall girls I love my girlfriend she is de best.

  • as long as she is shorter than me, than I'm all good. but if she's taller than me, then I'd probably be a bit hesitant.

  • I want girls to be cute, I think shorter is cute...

  • Tall, but still shorter than me. 5'8 to 5'11 would be perfect.

  • Everyone has their own tastes, sweetheart. I stand at 6"4' so it really doesn't matter what her height is, but the really short guys might prefer someone their own height. :P

    • I am 6"4" too and I agree with you

  • I dislike dwarves.

    • I'd punch you right back xP

    • :D don't take it personally Bt I'd have to punch you in the face if I ever saw you in person.

    • I have you a thumbs down for disrespecting Tolkien.

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  • I'm more partial to tall girls, but I'm 6'3"

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