Are short girls or tall girls preferred in your country?

I saw a question that why Swedish guys dont like short girls. :D I thought most guys prefer girls little shorter than them and petite girls have an advantage. But it seems in Europe, guys teeth on girls taller than average. Different countries, different tastes. So in your country, are tall girls more preferred, or short girls?



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  • I don't know about England, but I like short girls because I'm super short myself.


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  • I visit some European countries and I can say that in Italy and Spain short petite woman are also considered ideal while in Denmark, Sweden and Finland woman who are at least 10 cm taller than their average considered ideal. In Northern Europe, guys want their woman at the same height with them so if the average height of guy is 6" in that country, ideal woman height is considered 6".

    • "who are at least 10 cm taller than their average" wow they are also so tall. Woman also wear high heels so girls become taller than them? so if the girl is 5"7', is she too short for their taste? :O

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  • Tall chicks lol

  • Swedish here
    Most of us dont date with girls under our national average, preferably above 5cm taller

    • wow such a strict preference. :D is it that important?

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    • 184cm. I overlook girls under 175cm. Does not matter how perfect she is, height is an important factor.

    • Is it preference of requirement? :D

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