The art of figuring out the mind of a girl is almost impossible for most guys.

After all, we like completely different things than you guys do. Guys have no idea why we will sit for hours fixing our hair and makeup and us girls don't understand why guys will watch sports for hours on end. So, when it comes to communicating, guys can have a hard time trying to figure us out.

One of the common things guys don't understand is why us girls make you guess when something is wrong, instead of just spilling it! Take a look at these reasons we might hold information back from the guys in our lives.

We want to appear mysterious.

To some of us, telling guys everything makes us look more like a little sister than a girlfriend. So, if you know a girl that is constantly making you guess what is wrong with her, she might be playing games. By making you guess, we look more mysterious. If you really do care about us, you won't be able to get us out of your mind until you know what's wrong. So, if we don't tell you right away, we might be on your mind for weeks which is just how we like it!

We want you to know us better.

A lot of girls don't tell you immediately what's wrong with them because we expect you to be able to read our minds. Well, not exactly read our minds. But, we do think you should know us well enough to be able to guess what's wrong with us, without us having to tell you. If you don't have any idea why your girl is upset, she might get angry. She might not understand why you can't figure it out on your own. We give guys a lot of credit! Don't get upset with us. We just want you to know us better.

We are too embarrassed to say it out loud ourselves.

If we are trying to hide something that is embarrassing, there is no way we will tell you. If you figure it out on your own, we might admit you are right. But, us girls won't likely reveal our secrets without you guessing. Saying something embarrassing or something terrible out loud can be humiliating for us. For some reason, when guys guess the secret, it makes it less embarrassing. Sure, we might want you to know, but we don't want to explain it ourselves.

"Sometimes we just need time and space to get through things, without a guy getting involved."

We really don't want you to know at all

The last reason we might not tell you what's wrong is because we don't want you to know at all. Sometimes we just need time and space to get through things, without a guy getting involved. So, if we are upset about something and we don't want to talk about it, then we might mean it. We might not want to drag you into a family problem or a fight we had with our best friend. Whatever the case is, you must be respectful if we are keeping things to ourselves.

Although you now know the reasons girls don't always tell you what's wrong with them right away, it can be difficult to figure out which of the four reasons applies in each situation. To figure that out, you might just have to do some trial-and-error practices. Try guessing what's wrong and if we get upset, then we probably don't want to talk about things. But, if we tell you to guess again, we might just be wanting you to figure it out for yourself!