What is wrong with women today?

I hate women. I really do. I mean, I love them but hate them. They are good to look at, but make you chase them around like you're some kind of toy. Once you have them, you can never keep them happy. If you're too nice, you are in the wrong. If you are too mean, you're a jerk. If you have any friends with ovaries, you shouldn't, but it's okay for them to flirt around. God forbid we have bad days or are in any kind of physical pain from an activity, because you get a period. Yes means no, no means yes. Why are you always looking for something better to come along? So you can be arm candy or have arm candy? That's all you'll ever be. I get that people want the hottest person out there, but hot isn't always better. Why the mind games ladies? I can't tell what you're thinking. Why get mad at me for not being able to? If I compliment you and say you're attractive, you find some way of twisting into me being a pervert. No one wants to be happy with someone who has say, a government job like a mailman. They want the investment banker who makes a ton of dough so they can be a trophy wife. You know he's cheating on you everywhere he goes, right? Basically I am asking what happened to good and old fashioned love. My parents married for love, as did my grandparents. Not for looks, not for money, not for status. Just out of love. It has paid off for them too. When will you ladies wake up and see this? It doesn't matter how we look or what we do or drive. We are people. C'mon ladies.

I'm glad to see that the guys actually understand what I am talking about. Women of course just get mad. Kinda weird that happens huh.. because you women always think you're right no matter what. It's a big game to you.


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  • I learned one thing a long time ago, f*** them then leave them. I get bored with the same girl after a week unless she is that rare one of a kind but they don't come around too often.

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      I know all this probably sounds very cynical but speaking subjectively am extremely unhappy as by the age of 54 I had expected to have met a partner (I am heterosexual) who would treat me respectfully and that we could be happy and grow old together, all I see is that women in Australia are for the mostpart hateful, disrepectful and accusational towards/against men who earn less than 6 figures, those men that earn more can apparently do no wrong and are lovely human beings even if they come onto the ladies like some type of deranged pervert.. in my opinion Australia has become some kind of sexless wasteland (8 years with partnerless sex now.. slow clap.. well done ladies, it is obvious I need to pay for it if I want some) in Australia the only men who are doing it are cashed up, drug dealers, celebrities or gay the rest of us are apparently woman bashers .. at 50 women are past having babies so the official excuse of looking for a rich bloke so you can breed doesn't cut it!

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  • *sigh*

    well, first thing I would point out is that, in both genders, you have people who date for the wrong reasons. Perhaps womens reasons are sometime more monetary, but really, everyone's different.

    Yes, some girls play around; They enjoy the power and it certainly helps any insecurity issues they may be dealing with.

    As for why they would rather marry a person who makes more, well, I would say that that's a product of both nature and society. Men are traditionally the protectors and bred-winners of the house-hold and even if that doesn't still ring true in modern families, more often than not, the mind frame is still there. As females in packs of wolves for example like to mate with the Alpha, women like to date the more successful of the metaphorical pack because they want the security and in some cases, what they feel is the more advantageous gene pool. Security coming from the knowledge that they and their children will always will less likely be destitute, and the gene pool .. well. I've just gone to one anthropology class too many.. I'll leave that alone.

    I'm not saying that love isn't important, but the fact is that, most women know that love.. It just rarely last forever, and at the end of the day you need something warmer to hold onto than a memory. Besides, love gets shaken when financial issues become a real hindrance of the family.

    Good looking- well again anthropologically speaking, women subconsciously pick mates with more symmetrical features, because it goes hand in hand with the want to produce better offspring (as well as subconsciously registering as superior genetics).. but getting off that trip, uhmm, we all like to be physically attracted, but even though that's the first thing we notice, it's certainly not the last. Many women don't in fact look for looks.

    And finally to conclude my overly long answer :P, You forget that everyone has feelings, not just men. Hell, most of the time it's women saying the same thing about men you're saying about women. Sometimes, when you get hurt so much, basing a relationship purely on love seems not only foolish, but dangerous. The other factors that come in become almost an insurance you know, like, he cheats on you, but at least you have food to feed your kids and money as a means of distraction as opposed to him cheating on you, being in financial straights.. and well.. not.

    and that concludes my rant-like answer.

    I hope it works out for you sweetie.

  • i can understand.. some women are just crazy like that.

  • I'm a girl, not mad at your post...I do think you're dating the wrong kind of girls and making generalizations here. Girls make you chase them because we're taught to do that. Men are supposed "hunters" and only want the girl if they have to chase her, otherwise they'll get bored if you're easy to obtain.

    Not all girls are all about money. Again, you're going with generalizations. I can just as easily say all men just want sex and to use women. This is not true of all men - although I would say the majority :P I think you're right on that things were different years ago - (in the time of our grandparents, parents) seemed a more romantic/monagamous age. Now people are so superficial/materialistic/selfish.

    • The only girls who are not about money are those in high school, still being financially supported by their parents. Trust me, if you were suddenly kicked out, you'd be searching for someone with a job/money/house/car, etc. It's just in woman's nature to do that. First take care of practical matters, then pursue romance. That's the way you're made.

    • Just so you know - I am NOT in high school and I do NOT live with my parents. I've been on my own since I was 18. I'm 24, have my own apartment, my own car, and support myself financially. So yes, what I was saying is valid. I don't care about money, just that I would be looking for a guy who pulls his own weight and supports himself.

    • im in college and I HATE it when even a boyfriend buys me a movie ticket. I'm very independent. again, you guys are generalizing here. and I don't GO or AIM for guys with money. I go for guys that know how to treat a lady right, and how to pleasure a lady in bed. here's your simple answer, you havnt met the right girl.

  • I know what you are talking about I wish girls were nicer. See to me have you ever heard good guys finish last well good girls do to. I wish we were different and I am sorry you had bad experiences.

    • I wish girls were nicer to and finally someone that can see good guys and good girls do finish last a lot of the time it seems.

  • wow so many bigoted men on this site. what the hell is going on in your lives goodness I don't know any men like this in real life lol

    you have a narrow, sexist view of women and it sounds like you have insecurity issues. I suggest getting a shrink to help you do some soul searching. and also try to see things in a more objective, less sexist and biased perspective so you can think clearly. there are so many things women complain about in men as well.

    fyi, traditionally marriage was not about love, it was about women being property and about money. women are more free to get involved for love these days than ever. of course, with that freedom and emphasis on the individual comes more freedom to enjoy life without being butt hurt and dead set over relationships and men. I don't think its wrong to pick someone you think you can build a life with or who you are attracted to. you're making it sound as if women themselves don't have careers and standards. What if the woman is successful and making good money. Are you suggesting that she consider a mailman to build a life with? I can see where love love love all you need is love might pop up, but think realistically. The economy is horrible, children cost money, getting a nice home costs money, etc. Its like choosing someone with the same religion because you want your children to have a certain lifestyle. Choosing someone with similar income as you (or better in some cases) means raising your children to be well provided for and making sure they live comfortably. I don't think a mailman is the best option for cozy living. That sounds like a lot of hard times financially if you plan on getting married and having kids. Obviously, it shouldn't all be about money, however, you are a bit off in assuming that a woman can't be happy with a wealthy man. Or hell, just a man who makes more money than a freakin mailman.

    As far as looks...dont men want hot girls too? Aren't you guys always going on about how visual you are? Don't you want an attractive girl too? Do you not get drawn in by a girl with great looks before getting to know her personally?

    i don't know what kind of compliments you are giving out that they sound perverted...im sorry that sounds seedy to me. like you're not giving the whole story or you are really giving inappropriate comments.

    all your other nonsense about girls not wanting you to have female friends, etc. is dependent on the woman. not all women are like that. in fact a lot of men get really jealous over that. my dad is super possessive about my moms social life and it pisses me off. she doesn't care what he does really but she feels like he acts pissy whenever she wants to go out with women even, never mind men. so I don't buy that.

    and yes I'm a feminist. :P

  • Ha... the trouble is I could say the same thing about some men, I never understand why people like to associate behavior s with different sexes.

    I do actually in somwhat agree, despite being a girl... I do actually think some woman just can't be happy with what they've got, and when they do get the thing they want, they desparatley try and change it..or him. And I do actually think that is not good, you don't get with someone so you can customize their wardrobe to suit theirs etc.

  • So many bitter guys on this site. So amusing. :')

    I mean really, it's obvious you're going after the wrong girls. Cause not all girls are like that, and huge generalizations about a whole gender annoy the sh*t out of me. If you go for the "wannabe trophy wife", vapid, bimbo type, guess what she'll turn out to be. If you HAVEN'T gone out with that type of girl, look at the common factor in all your relationships - you. No offense, but you don't exactly sound like any prize yourself. In fact, you sound like a bitter asshole. I mean, really, this is just as bad as all the girls saying, "All any guy wants is sex, they're all so shallow, they have so many mixed signals, etc., etc." It's getting old.

    Guys are d***s, girls are bitches, people suck.


  • You should rephrase that to some women. Not all women these days are like that, you have some that don't care about anything but themselves and cheat on their boyfriends all the time and get away with it cause the guy is a nice guy. Than you have some that don't care what their man does or has and is simply happy with being with them cause they are in love. But you know what you also have some guys like that too. The ones who cheat and mooch off of you because you have lots of food at your house or work A LOT and make good money, while they spend their money on things they don't need. They don't like girls for relationships but only for a good lay. Honestly when I started reading this post that's what I thought about you. You said women are only good to look at, well that's what a lot of guys think. They just want what's on the outside and not on the inside. It's just people in general. Girls do it and guys do it. You have to learn to look out for this people and steer clear, those are the ones who have such low self esteem because they need someone else to make them look good. Keep looking tho pal. She's out there. Just be yourself and you'll get her. But don't generalize women to her, don't think she will like that. Lol

  • 1. You probably date the wrong kind of girls. (for you, I mean. they're not wrong at all, it's just who they are)

    2. Try to understand better women. I don't mean you should actually think like a woman, but try to show them you care and be sweet to them. If they really trust you and they feel safe with you- and you're dating the right kind of women for you, everything will work just fine for you.

    of course, relationships are hard and you need to work on them to make them, succeed, but when you're with the right woman, it worths it.

  • I can say the same thing about guys but I won't write novel about it like you. I'll simply dismiss them

  • You sound bitter and cynical,therefore I won't even take the time to answer this question

    • Good, don't. Am I supposed to be upset that you don't want to answer? No. I could care less.

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    • You should go to your monthly Feminist club meeting.

    • I'm not a feminist:)

  • I think you are allocating human flaws down to a single gender simply through your experiences of a minority. If you have this recurring problem there is obviously something flawed in your choice of girls, I agree with peoples opinions you should try another type. Gee wizz, just maybe girls who don't fit your stereotypical beauty aren't all just lesbians.

    Also saying love occured more in the past is also bullsh*t, the amount of marraiges that came about/lasted were all down to the more conservative values of past generations.

    Girls can be dumb and confusing but so can guys, you make us out to be the incarnation of evil.

    • Um, divorce today happens with 50% of couples. How many divorced in the past? Next to none. I wasn't asking the question to be picked apart, I was asking because it seems as a gender you're flawed. You look for and want things you can't have. How many single late 20's and early 30's men are out there today? A lot. Because some are just tired of the rat race. You are evil and the devil.

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    • Well said DarkNoodle!

      We all have our flaw's! Us men are no different! Nice to see some common sence on this honey!



    • Thanks Johno :)

      Nice that I'm not the only one thinking it.

  • I honestly don't care because I've come to realization that I'm probably never going to find someone & will become one of those old women with millions of cats :(

    Men have high expectations too, & I just don't know how to fit into them, I've given up.

    • awwww am I going to see you on that show on animal planet...animal hoarding?

    • Yeah, I'll be the one with 50 million cats with a big old smile on my face.

  • You've been going after the wrong women. I know, I know, "You say that but you're all the same!". Try going for girls that aren't hot, or stuck up, or daddy's little princesses. Try the tomboys.

    • I like tomboys, but most come off lesbian.

  • some girls can be crazy, that's why I associate with very few of them.

  • I agree. But it is incorrect for you to group a whole gender together like this, because there are women who are in it for love. Like others have said, you've been going for the wrong girls. Sounds like you're furious. Just be patient. Why not go for the low maintenance types who appreciate the simpler things in life. Don't give up. Date different people. You'll soon find that not everyone is the same. Goodluck on finding the one.

  • I agree, myself a woman... lol we are confusing and never know what we want sometimes. It is sad that love isn't even needed anymore for both some men and women... myself, my boyfriend was jobless and had nothing.. I even bought him a car so we could work on what HE wanted together. I'm not attracted to what someone has and what they can do for me or buy me. LOVE and their personality, their values and morals that's what it takes to get my attention, I have always taken care of myself after a bad marriage, now things are greater, we both work and take care of each other, but it is love that holds everything together. There are some good women out there, who want nothing but to give love and be loved... and are not into the games.

  • only the immature women are like this and you can't in all honesty say that guys are not the same.

  • Well (seems I'm 25 days late going by your update) but I completely agree with you. I have noticed that "girly" women tend to act more like this than "masuline" ones. I'd consider myself more masuline because I don't care about my clothing choices and most wear tshirts, I don't give a damn about jewerly and (I like to plan ahead) I would rather have his heart than a worthless diamond, perhaps a self made ring (if in a business that shapes things, like weilding). If arm candy refers to those stupid arm branclets,...well I don't understand them either. From your compliant, I'd say go for personality rather than looks. Maybe go for a more masuline girl (she doesn't have to be like manly as in budgling muscles and knows everything about sports), but not "girly."

  • I'm not gonna lie here I do see where your coming from, and a lot of what you is true but let me ask you this. Why is it that when girl sleeps around she is called a slut, and when a guy sleeps around he is congratulated? oh and why is it that would think that he could post something as one sided as this so that he can make a bunch of girls mad and then can act like they are crazy? I mean what's your problem? I mean really guys do a lot of crapy things too, so just get over yourself.

    • an average girl can get sex pretty much anytime she wants. An average guy won't. Girls can get sex partners very easy, males can't. A male who gets lots of sex partners is someone who's got something, a girls who's getting loads of partners, yeah, slut. When we have equality in this and the average guy gets sex as easy as the average girls, then we'll talk again. If you wonder how is it that if an x number of girls are having sex then an x amount of guys will too, that's wrong, a restricted

    • number of guys will be making up and having sex with majority of the x women

  • There are weird chicks...

  • If you think that's how all girls are like, then you must be dating one hell of a b*tch. Some girls who want love marry for it, not for status. Some girls who just want to be rich, marry a guy who is a doctor or banker or accountant or whatever. I marry for love, status doesn't matter that much to me, I just care if they are able to hold down a job not if they are like billionaires or whatever. I don't care THAT much about it that I would leave the guy! Plus, if I had my period, I don't announce it to the whole entire world. Seriously dude, this description pertains to the b*tchy girls who don't care about love that much, just money and status.

  • As long as he makes an honest living, his career wouldn't matter much to me. And I agree, women do sometimes expect the man to read their minds. I think if you're in tune with a woman, you can really tell what's she's thinking/feeling... I've had guys answer my questions before I even asked & I'm like, "woah, he's a keeper!" Anyway, I'm sorry some woman (or women) did you wrong, but it's not fair to assume every woman is like that.

  • It sounds like you had a really bad experience with someone. I agree, a lot of girls are bitches, and they are never happy no matter what you give them or do for them. I have tons of guy friends, only about 3 close girls. I don't like girls. They're too catty and dramatic. But I promise, not all girls are like that! You just haven't met the right one yet. Keep your head up :)

  • guys are exactly the only difference iz instead of guys getting periods they get boners

  • You know, you are right in many ways and I hate those girls too. That's why all my friends are guys, I can't stand girls. But they are not all like that, you just have to look in the right places. For me, the first thing I look for is humor. I'm not looking for a guy to compliment me every second in fact I don't want to be complimented all the time because it sounds like they're not being sincere. A compliment every once in a while on the other hand is nice as long as you mean it. I honestly have never given a f*** about money, that's pretty much the last thing on my mind because I won't let a guy buy me things for the most part anyway unless it's cheap. As far as the looks thing goes, you just have to get to know a person because the funnier and more sociable a person is, the better looking they get in my opinion. Basically not all girls are the same, look for the girl that sits in the corner and chills at the party instead of the one that's up trying to dance with everyone. Just don't get on the subject of how much money you have until you know someone well, that's a better way to go about it. I'm not one for pickup lines or saying things because it sounds like what I want to hear. For that same reason I don't give out compliments all that often. I like to hang out and chill, look for that girl. I don't do dates, I don't do movies or restaurants. I don't play that game and I'm not the only one. I've always said I like for things to happen naturally, which meant I didn't go looking for a guy I wait for things to happen on their own, someone you're already around a lot, become friends first, that's the best advice, things will go much smoother.

  • sound familiar - maybe I do need to look inside and figure out whatsgoing on.

    Alot has to do with insecurity...

  • I'm a lady and I must say, your right. Luckily for me, I'm not one of those women. I don't care if you have a lot of money or no money, I don't care if your the hottest guy out there or just some regular guy. I look at it like this. there are many reasons why women do as you have described. if a woman marries for money, she don't give a damn about you as long as she can get her hair done every week, shop on a limitless amount of money, and not have to work. the reason women want great looking guys is because.. well, we want something nice to look at, but not every woman is like that. women like being chased because either A. We want to know if you're really into us and that you won't give up on us easy or B. we play mind games with men because a previous guy had her chase him and he broke her heart and she wanted to return the favor but on a different person. I'm sorry to say, but yes, we will get mad at you when we are on our period because we don't know where to take the frustration out on and guys are the closet thing, and we do hope men will understand that we don't always like being horrible to you guys on our periods, we actually feel bad but sometimes never admit it. if you give a compliment, that's great! women take it wrong and overreact for no reason. overall, women are bitches!! we don't know what we want, and yet we think we do. In the time we live in now, women like materialistic things, but where I grew up, women worked hard, married who they loved, and are extremely happy. so I say, never give up because you'll find someone who will go head over heels for you and show you that. but fair warning: women get scared of relationships and are afraid of getting hurt so don't be afraid to show her that she means everything to you. hope this helped :)

  • hey I agree with what you're saying, I mean, being a girl myself, I can't say I never do those things, because I probably do on occasion, but I try not to. I also agree with the "together for love and nothing else", I don't care what a person looks like, what their job is, or anything. if you love someone, you will find them attractive no matter what.

    as for periods, to be honest, it really messes with a girls hormones and therefore emotions, and although girls can't help getting a little snappy during that time, it doesn't mean they can't be aware of that.

    not every couple is going to work out, but you can always hope.

  • I'll admit, I'm on your side. The thing is, society's pretty plastic right about now & "we waste time looking for the perfect love, instead of creating the perfect love." Most girls just don't see that much. And there are a lot of girl that love that mind game, chase crap, but there are some out there that are pretty straight forward. I'd know because I'm one of them. You have to go for a girl that you like and you can build a relationship with, and to do that you can't really have clashing personalities. For example: seems like if you go for a girl that likes the word play, you're going to hate women until the end of time.

    But, best of luckk.

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  • I hate to say this, but in many cases your right. Far to many women these days have unreasonable expectations of men. This I believe is the fault of the Feminists, they have gone way to far. At first, it was needed, but now that they have what they wanted, they want more. All you have to do is pay attention to what your seeing around you to realize this. Commercials for example almost always show the female in the positive aspect while the male is left to look foolish or stupid. Pay attention and you will see this. Here is a perfect example. Most people think the "Nut Shot" is very funny. Most would laugh at some guy that got kicked in the sack by a woman. Agreed? Now turn it around. She gets kicked in the crotch by the guy. Is it funny now? It should be, considering we are all supposed to be "equal" right? The person who got kicked is deserving yes? Well then why is it only funny if it's the guy on the ground holding his crotch? I guess it's because some people are more "equal" than others. Now; I am not advocating that people go around kicking each other in the crotch, although I think it would be very amusing if a mall full of people did this, and I was able to get it on video. Think this one would go viral? Nevertheless, it is a fact, that some women feel they are owed something or are superior to any male. It is also true that some guys feel this way also, not as many I'm afraid, but some. I hate to say it, but this attitude will not likely change anytime soon, so what this means for the rest of us, who are not living in a fantasy world where everyone else owns us something, we will just have to be a bit more careful in who we choose to deal with. Maybe someday, we will all be equal, but not today.

  • This is so true of my ex gf.

  • Word I agree with you but hey that's why women are very irrational. They don't know what they want and they don't think when they act. Welcome to life.

  • I totally agree with you. I love girls, but they make no sense. They never do and they never will. I literally hate them sometimes. I stopped taking their crap, which is probably why I don't have a girlfriend, but I don't really care.

    Just try to find a girl whose good out-weighs her insanity. that's all you can do.

  • Because of political correctness, no one will ever know. Except for a few women, when they are old, and God forbid, alone, and only if they are not more senile than social engineering and conditioning has already made them... they just might understand... and if they told someone, like a grand daughter or a niece... well, it will be too late, they won't listen by that time, their influence, just like their sexual market value will have diminished, just like societies old mores and norms, times are a changin'. Romance is dead, the ties that bind families together are gone, the fiery love that two young adults could've shared or can share in the purest of ways without the creepy confusing games that society has taught us to play are gone. The fulfillment of two people of the opposite sex - who understand their gender roles, their importance, and their virtue - the fulfillment they can feel when they compliment each other, when they make love, when they spend time, is gone due to social media, perversion of "love" itself, its all gone.

  • I know what you mean, you basically described the area I grew up in / still occasionally visit for work. High income area, full of bimbos and assholes. The whole world isn't like that, although it can seem that way. Try dating girls of different races, backgrounds, etc - if you're going for the typical white, blond, airheaded twats like I see all over the place around Rocklin/Granite Bay then it's no wonder you are disappointed. You either have to be rich or really good looking - if you're just a normal guy you are out of luck.

    Also like the other guy said you need to do a better job of "screening" them so you don't end up with yet another disappointment. Maybe just take it a bit slower and don't get all bent out of shape if she turns out to be a bitch.

    • Also you need to understand that most women out there aren't nice or good - they're bitches. They'll use people, steal, lie, hurt others for the hell of it, just basically evil. Just like how guys can be mean, bullies, thieves, liars, whatever girls can too.

  • Your clearly socialising with the wrong people, ey? I've had none of these experiences. Maybe with like, one or two girls. But they were f***ing insane anyway. You need to like, screen girls, before you get into them, hahaha. If she's clearly painfully disturbed, like the ones your talking about, leave her aloneeee.

    • Well I am sorry that your experience as a lesbian has not worked out. Sucks to see that women do it to other women to. I hope that some day you find a nice man to settle down with, I think your attempts at females has failed and you should just be with men from now on.

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    • Just fighting stupidity where I can sir :)

    • Lol, you'll have your work cut out for yaaaa

  • you suck

  • its because bitches think their the sh*t ...cuz they got hella make up and cover up ect making them look good...

    but I know what you mean...if a girl wants a hug its fine but when we want a hug its noooooooooooooooooooooo

    thats why you gotta hit it and quit it

  • I'm here with you bro I hate them too. I'm a truck driver that drives acrossed the US and been to every state at least once, talked to many people and been to a lot of places, they all are the same. If your not a body builder, drive a Ferrari with a mansion off the ocean they won't even look at you anymore. I know what your talking about it seems like from the 80's on back, to the early 90's people married because of love, yes looks do play a roll, I know if I was 500 pounds I wouldn't be writing this, but it's horrible today. Look on that show Maury for example of the low life scum guys on there and the women love that! An average Jo like us doesn't stand a chance anymore and personality don't mean a thing either. I've been on every dating site, had MySpace for 7 years and the only thing they would do is just read my messages and never reply, facebook, I can go on and on. I am set on being single all my life and that's fine with me.

  • Media is to blame hahaha

    • I actually 100% agree. Women want "The bachelor" or something they see on a reality TV show.

  • go to the gay side. "Looks like we got another one on the boat" Have fun ;D

  • I have a lot to say on this topic and, putting all sexist generalizations of personality aside, I believe I can only express my view on it, sharing my personal experience. Before I start I'd like to note that I have deep respect and appreciation of the female gender (which I still hopelessly try to figure out).

    I'm in a 2 year strong relationship with a girl, in which I'm deeply in love and willing to die for. Luckily, she feels the same about me. Even tough our love prevails 99% of the time, we have our quarrels and difference in opinions on various of topics. I'd like to state that I fell in love with her not for her looks, modest personality... but for the purity of her heart (as cheesy as it may sound). I mostly appreciate the responsiveness of her feelings towards me and the feeling of inspiration, which she inflicts upon me, that has made me build a website of us; made a "rap/love" song about her; various clips, containing happy moments; love letters; and all kinds of romantic surprises you (and me) see on instagram. All of my effort in this direction has never been to make her girlfriends jealous, but to nurture our relationship and ascend our deep appreciation of it to a skyrocket level.

    Be all that as it may, the point that I'm trying to make is that there are such normal girls, that are not obsessed with material things or as narrow-minded as reviewed by the public. There isn't however, such a thing as a "Perfect Girl" or a "Perfect Relationship". From my experience, a relationship is as strong as the ability to of the person to coincide with the one beside him - in the matter of what he is able and willing to offer (and vice versa). It's all about one's needs and and their fulfillment by the other. That's why there are emotional couples, one night stand couples, stubborn couples, etc.
    And speaking of needs (to my opinion) - girls are experts of them. They require the need of attention, of love, of security, of appreciation, of understanding and sympathy, of support, and with that the need of space, of provocation, the need of improvement, the need of change, the need of adaptation... (and I've got about 20 more)
    There is the question, of course, "What happens if 2 people are unable to fulfill each other's needs?"... and two reasonable outcomes exist in such a situation: the first, more commonly, is that they split up in the search for more suitable partners; and the other situation is in which people settle... through a word society tends...

    • I have a lot to say on this topic and, putting all sexist generalizations of personality aside, I believe I can only express my view on it, sharing my personal experience. Before I start I'd like to note that I have deep respect and appreciation of the female gender (which I still hopelessly try to figure out).

      I'm in a 2 year strong relationship with a girl, in which I'm deeply in love and willing to die for. Luckily, she feels the same about me. Even tough our love prevails 99% of the time, we have our quarrels and difference in opinions on various of topics. I'd like to state that I fell in love with her not for her looks, modest personality... but for the purity of her heart (as cheesy as it may sound). I mostly appreciate the responsiveness of her feelings towards me and the feeling of inspiration, which she inflicts upon me, that has made me build a website of us; made a "rap/love" song about her; various clips, containing happy moments; love letters; and all kinds of romantic

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    • Despite all this, I sometimes remember myself that I am a twenty something year-old and all I want to do is get wasted with my mates, play xbox, sleep, chill out somewhere pleasant and dick around. But seldom do I have the chance to do this, because I have devoted my life and time to my significant other. And as a twenty something year-old I tend to think about partying and new experiences, but those thoughts are quickly countered by the thoughts of family development, future plans, career planning (inspired by my significant other) and all types of sh*t my peers ignore effectively.

    • Up to this point I congratulate anyone who’s read all 1,020 words of this opinion expression. I’d like to state that I’m generally a happy person and quite optimistic. I have the love of my life and try being the best I can be. But I tend to have these WTF situations after I go a day of COMPROMISE, when I have shown consideration to all of my girl’s needs and still got a dose of nagging and complaint – that’s when I’m thinking “What is wrong with women today?”.

      {OVERALL STATEMENT}: I may sound like a p*ssy by this, or be thinking things too much; but to my overall opinion all women tend to be b*tchy at times, as men tend to act like *ssholes. There is no such thing as a “perfect mate” or a “perfect relationship”. People either settle for “less than perfect” or start over – either way they do the best they can (even if that means blowing off your steam and your complexities online).

  • Bro, Fuck them. Find a lucrative career and make money. After my few years experience with girls, i only aim for money, love is at the very back of my list cause of how much of a failure i am at it. So i'd rather find happiness in possessions. Also let me say this. I am single and i save up so much money. Without dates and outings, i save a ton of cash. You know, i will every once in a while come across a gorgeous young women in my daily affairs but i just remind myself of what my main goals are. Women are on the back burner. As they should be because men are just a secondary to them. Best to do the same thing back. What pisses me off even more is how they can be so picky, or worse, the slightest deviation of interest and they will throw you in their gigantic friend zone. When you get in the Friend zone... walk the fuck away and forget her. FOREVER. It will rip your heart apart slowly when you think that she is trying hard to get or if she needs time when in reality, she really does not give a shit about you. After this realization, i found money to be more loyal than a women. My money or possessions won't ever leave me or go off to find someone else.

  • i think mtv is to blame shows like Jersey Shore were the girls all dress like sluts and fuck around is what is destroying society woman now spend hours with makeup and primping everyday just so they can look like them , now kids are doing the same thing you see girls 9+ trying to look like porn stars taking selfies pretending to suck dick. im 22 i have a sister whos 14 a couple months ago my mum read who facebook msgs and found that she's been sending nudes to boys after a big fight my mum asked her if she's still a virgin apparently being 14 and a virgin is a bad thing, she go's on to tell my mum that she's slept with 5 guys and that she and her friends have been going to an abandoned house when there meant to be at school and having sex every day. now days being called a stut is the equivalent to being called a cool guy

  • I think your being a sexist pig and this is why your getting the girls who act this way with you, you overgeneralize and it insults them they don't all think the same as others! Insted of looking at the girls at bars and stuff and the girls who are all over the usual places where people "hook up" you need to go to a church or a library to find the girls your after, if they will have you after this bs ^. I'm only 15 soon to be 16, and I know all this! Wake up and smell the roses man!

  • Because people are crushed under the weight of their own pain.

  • You did some big generalizing here, but good points. Feminism and the media have really brainwashed a lot of the above problems you mentioned up there.

    I don't know if you are ventilating, but you need to stay optimistic. Out of every 4 dumb ****s...there is one decent girl. She is single and willing to date you if your mind is right.

    If you stay angry it will only make things tougher. I hated myself for a long time for being a "nice guy"...the "nice guy paradox" was one of the most heinous, f***ed up, twisted evil things I would see in women's behavior. But I learned to accept myself...and set boundaries. Sure enough I started getting laid A LOT more because I was being myself. But getting into a long term relationship...thats a different matter.

  • Sexist much...

  • I agree with you! who are you? my shadow? :)