What is wrong with women today?

I hate women. I really do. I mean, I love them but hate them. They are good to look at, but make you chase them around like you're some kind of toy. Once you have them, you can never keep them happy. If you're too nice, you are in the wrong. If you are too mean, you're a jerk. If you have any friends with ovaries, you shouldn't, but it's okay for them to flirt around. God forbid we have bad days or are in any kind of physical pain from an activity, because you get a period. Yes means no, no means yes. Why are you always looking for something better to come along? So you can be arm candy or have arm candy? That's all you'll ever be. I get that people want the hottest person out there, but hot isn't always better. Why the mind games ladies? I can't tell what you're thinking. Why get mad at me for not being able to? If I compliment you and say you're attractive, you find some way of twisting into me being a pervert. No one wants to be happy with someone who has say, a government job like a mailman. They want the investment banker who makes a ton of dough so they can be a trophy wife. You know he's cheating on you everywhere he goes, right? Basically I am asking what happened to good and old fashioned love. My parents married for love, as did my grandparents. Not for looks, not for money, not for status. Just out of love. It has paid off for them too. When will you ladies wake up and see this? It doesn't matter how we look or what we do or drive. We are people. C'mon ladies.

I'm glad to see that the guys actually understand what I am talking about. Women of course just get mad. Kinda weird that happens huh.. because you women always think you're right no matter what. It's a big game to you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I learned one thing a long time ago, f*** them then leave them. I get bored with the same girl after a week unless she is that rare one of a kind but they don't come around too often.