Older brothers and their friends.

Why don't older brothers want their best friend to date their sister? Is it the same with all the big brothers out there?

I love the insights I'm getting from you guys and girls. :).. I'm not in that particular situation. Well... not exactly.. I might have a teeny tiny itsy bitsy little crush on bro#3 friend.. Lol...
I realize it causes much less heart ache if both parties steer clear of this situation. The last thing I want I to cause any of brothers any grief or awkwardness, much less cost them their friendships.
That being said, If ever I was completely head over heels in love with any of their friends and said friend felt the same and we're really serious about our relationship, I guess we'd really try hard to convince my brother. But that's a big IF.. :).
I have 4 older brothers btw...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ugh I don't even want to think about. Most of my friends are cool guys but when it comes to girls they're usually not-so-cool. I would never want either of my sisters to date one of my friends, it would just be so... disturbing. And if they would break up it would be pretty awkward being the guy that knows both of them and sees them alot.